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Speaking to Post-Bacc in SOP

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I'm applying for master's psychology programs (Fall 2018) and am working on the first draft of my SOP and am having difficulty speaking to my post-bacc. 

A bit of context - Finished my BSc in psych in 2015. GPA 3.34, no honours thesis, but did a few small classroom research projects and some major lit reviews. Also have solid GRE scores from last application season. I took 2 years off, volunteering as a lab assistant for a year. I applied to master's programs for this fall but wasn't admitted. So, instead I'm completing a post-bacc. In my post-bacc I'm taking upper-level undergrad courses, a couple of grad courses, and completing an undergrad thesis. My grades from the first semester of this program won't be in before (most) applications are due, but so far it's looking like it will show that I'm capable of a better GPA.

Anyway, I'm not sure exactly how to speak to this aside from the research experience that I'm gaining, or if it's something that I even should be spending time on in my SOP (again, aside from the research). 

Any advice is greatly appreciated! 

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