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Hey fellow grad-cafe-ers!

I know this is an overdone topic, but I could really use some opinions on whether or not I am on the right track w/r/t grad school applications and all that...

I'm finishing my senior year at a large, mid-tier (ranked ~70-80th nationally), state university with a major in Biochemistry & Biophysics  and a minor in CS. My overall GPA is 3.74 with 3.65 in my major (I had one really bad term but have been on a roll ever since...I don't know if that helps or hurts). I'm looking to apply to Computational Biology-ish PhD programs and so far have been looking at respective programs at Yale, Harvard , Stanford, Caltech , Berkeley . I have a few other schools in mind but those 5 are my top.

GRE Scores: 161 v (88th), 163 q (84th), 4.5 AW (82nd)

Research Experience: I've been part of a computational lab for almost 3 years now. I have been able to work pretty independently on projects and formulate my own ideas and approaches to the problems that I've encountered. I have a learned a lot of skills/methods for tackling questions in computational bio as well as general ways of scientific thinking. I'll have anywhere from 0-2 publications in the lab which is pretty frightening with deadlines fast approaching

This past summer I had the opportunity to be part of a large, well-known lab at a prominent research hospital for 10 weeks. I was asked to continue working remotely after the internship had ended and am now part of a very cool project that is somewhat related to my overall research interests. As with my other lab I was able to work more-or-less independently on my project and was doing more than just scripting/programming.

LOR - I'll have letters from the 2 labs I mentioned above which I think should serve me well, with a 3rd from an professor/advisor who knows me pretty well.

SOP - It's a work in progress, but I have pretty defined research interests and goals which I think should help.

I also have several potential advisors in mind at all of the schools I mentioned above, some of whom I am planning on contacting as my applications come together.

I'm interested in knowing what you all have to say, thanks in advance!





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