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Profile Evaluation - MS Statistics


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Undergrad Institution: Northeastern University
Major(s): Computer Science, Mathematics
GPA: 3.699

Nationality: Asian American

Programs Applying: MS Statistics / Computer Science

Industry Experience: 

  • 2 software co-ops: one at a well-known tech company, another at an obscure quantitative trading firm.  

Math Courses: 

  • Linear Algebra (A),  Multivariable Calculus (A),  Intro to Proofs (A), Combinatorics (A),  Complex Analysis (A),  Probability and Statistics (A),  Differential Equations (A),  Real Analysis (A-),  Group Theory (A),  Number Theory (C+),  Mathematical Statistics (A)

CS Courses:

  • Fundamentals I & II (A, A),  OOD (A-),  Logic and Computation (A-),  Algorithms and Data Structures (A),  Software Development (A-),  Theory of Computation (A-),  Database Design (A),  Computer Graphics (A-)


  • Haven't taken it yet. Expecting high score on Quant, decent on Verbal. 

Letters of Recommendation:  

       Here are the people that I am planning to ask:

  • Math professor from my Freshman year at a public university, before I transferred to my current school. 
  • My supervisor my previous co-op. Has advanced degree in CS and can speak to my programming ability. 
  • Stats professor from my Study Abroad.

Goal:  Improving my skills/credentials to get into more interesting industry positions. I'm interested in statistics as a subject, but my school doesn't have a statistics as a subject. I might consider doing a PhD in the future, unsure which subject though.


  • Berkeley MA Statistics
  • Berkeley MEng CS
  • Harvard MS CSE
  • Harvard AM Statistics
  • CMU MS Machine Learning
  • Brown MS CS
  • Columbia MS Stats
  • Columbia MS CS

Points of Concern:

  • I'm lacking coursework in statistics, data analysis, etc. 
  • My GPA is pretty decent, but not good enough to stand out against other applicants. 
  • I'm applying to a lot of reach schools -- any recommendations for other programs that would suit my interests? 

Thank you all very much; I'm looking forward to hearing your responses!

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Since students are paying, most schools (even elite ones) aren't terribly selective when it comes to admission to their Masters programs. Basically, if the program has a lot of students, the admissions bar probably isn't that high. I'd be surprised if your profile didn't get you into most of the programs you've listed.

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