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Pausing between GRE sections for longer than the timed allowance


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I realized that inbetween sections, aside from the ten minute break, and after the 1 minute break offered between all other sections, you have to hit the "start section" button yourself to initiate the next section, during which there is no time limit or anything forcing you to start that next section. I hate to be the one to take the easy way out, but in case I needed more time to regroup, couldn't I hypothetically take a few more seconds before I hit that button, or would I be penalized? Do they somehow keep track of this, or could they invalidate your scores if you took "too much" time during this interim? 

I really hate asking this question, as it makes me look like a cheater. I've taken the GRE and didn't do this, and don't think I'll want to when I take it again, so am just asking hypothetically, as it seems like a possibility I haven't heard anyone, or even ETS, mention.



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