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where to apply?



Education - IIIT-Hyderabad,  CGPA - 7.9/10.0,  Work Experience - 1 year,   Research Intern - 1 ,   International Publication - 1,  GRE- 325.  I don't have any specific interest as such and would like to do a general Masters in CS. 

I am planning to apply in the following universities for general ms in computer science - 

Georgia Institute of Technology 

University of Texas— Austin 

University of California— San Diego 

University of Southern California 

University of Wisconsin— Madison 

University of Massachusetts— Amherst 


University of Toronto

University of Michigan

Is the above qualification enough for making through in anyone of these universities?

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Possibly and possibly not. You haven't mentioned specific research interests, strength of SoP, supplemental materials (do these programs require writing samples or other examples of work), letter writers, etc. It's tempting to focus on the purely quantitative aspects of your application, but these programs are most likely looking at more than just you as a set of numbers. The number one indicator of admission is goodness of fit. As long as you have multiple faculty whose interests align with yours and you are able to convey how perfect you are for the program through your SoP, yes you have a chance. However, if you want to look at quantitative, some programs have GPA and GRE cut-offs. This information should be available if you look around their websites enough.

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