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Basic Q's and short personal background


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I am desperately intereted in attending graduate school. My delight is in being a scholar.

I attended a liberal arts college (St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM and Annapolis, MD). Unusual curriculum-- discussion-only classes, reading only primary texts. Essentially come out with a broad knowledge of the development of Western thought in all subjects.

I've been hanging about without going to graduate school for about two years and intend now to go to school.
I have two months to apply for fall of 2018!

The areas of study in which I am interested have to do with philosophy and, I believe, social theory.
I came out with a GPA of 3.78 and GRE scores of 163 V and 151 Q. I am not super interested in studying for the GRE and don't have a lot of time...

The question is -- what schools to apply to? I seek in particular close relations with faculty, the ability to choose a variety of classes, and a focus on research and writing (are there schools where this isn't a focus? I don't know). To the greatest possible extent I would appreciate an open atmosphere and genuine personalities.

My interests are: identifying assumptions that determine the way people live, examining the development/history of thought, and, at least nowadays, identifying (theoretically) methods of social change. Does it even sound like Sociology is my best bet?

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