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My GRE score is not very good, but I am going to retake it in a few weeks with a little more practice, and it should be better. But what are my chances for masters programs at my schools?
Undergrad Institution: UNC Chapel Hill
Major(s): Statistics, Economics
Minor(s): Hispanic Literature and Cultures
GPA: 3.79 (Major GPA 3.82)
Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male

GRE General Test: 164Q/158V/5.5AWA (Had a technical difficulty in the first non-writing section, which kinda messed me up, but am retaking in two weeks)
Research Experience: Wrote undergraduate thesis
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Highest Honors
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Not really, a couple random positions
Letters of Recommendation: Two senior Economics people (Should be very good), Stats professor (Ok)
Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: I haven't taken real analysis, but I've taken Probability (A), Linear Alegebra (B), Statistical Theory (B), Calc 3 (A), Discrete Math (A-), Econometrics (A-), Stochastic Modeling (A), Time Series (A), Diff EQ (A), Intro to Data Science (A), Object Oriented Programming (A), 
Applying to: MS Statistics/M of Applied Stats
Ohio State
Penn State
Florida St
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