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Offseting expected low GRE Quant score

Marius G

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Hi there,

I am a European grad student pursuing my first MA degree at a relatively prestigious and competitive university in Central Europe (my program is in the QS Top 40 in my subject area) and I was nominated for a Fulbright Scholarship for a second MA/MS in the U.S. As a result I was asked to take both the GRE and the TOEFL tests in order for the IIE to apply on my behalf to a number of universities in the U.S. My issue is that I have the test in 3 weeks and I seem to be stacked at around 150-155 on the Quant part of the test. I was always bad at math, but I've usually succeeded to have decent results on standardized tests until now. This was 6 years ago, when I finished high school.

So, I have two questions:

(1) Considering my background, how hard would a low GRE Quant score affect my chances to be admitted into Foreign/Public Policy MA programs at universities like UC Berkeley, UCSD, GWU or Duke?

(2)  What resources would you recommend to improve my Quant score?



26 yo European

BA in Politics & International Security from a central European country with a CGPA of (equiv.) 3.95/4 / rank 1/48

MA in International Relations (top 5 program in Europe) with a GPA of 3.7 and expected graduation CGPA of 3.75 / rank 2/40

Fulbright Scholarship to fund my studies in the U.S.

2 published articles and 1 conference proceeding

2 years working experience in policy making in my national Parliament & 6 months in the European Parliament as a trainee

1-year working experience in (quant and qual) research projects with international funding

Over 10 years of volunteering and being active in human rights, policy advocacy, policy-oriented civil society work.

Co-founder of two NGOs working on civic education & human rights.


Thanks for feedback.





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