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  1. There are a few. You need to check 'Government', not Political Science.
  2. Just called Georgetown and they've told me that decisions will be out by the end of the month.
  3. Called UMD-College Park & UPenn. Upenn: 1-2 weeks from today. UMD: max 10 more days.
  4. I've seen a few acceptances from UMD over here the other day, but I didn't get anything and my status on the website is the same. Should I just presume I'm on the rejections list to be sent next week? Also, do you guys know when should we expect to hear from Gtown and UPenn?
  5. UMD admits, have your status on the online platform changed? And have you received a personalized email?
  6. Does anyone know when I should expect to hear back from Gtown, UMD, UPenn? Are they usually in February or March? Thanks and good luck to everyone.
  7. Hi guys, Does anyone know how tuition remission works at George Washington University for graduate assistantships? I understand that a full-time employee (40h/wk??) gets 90% of max 6 credits, right? Is this also the case for grad students having assistantships? And can you mix tuition remission with merit-based fellowships?
  8. My GRE results where V 164, Q 151, AW 4.0 and I got accepted to all universities I applied and got generous funding from three out of four. So, you can get into some good non-ivy universities with that. But you should maybe not apply to quant-heavy universities (e.g. Harris, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley) with a Q 150. Also, considering that you probably want to apply in the next cycle, you maybe should take the GRE again, focusing on the quant part. Go over 155.
  9. Just received my admission to UMDCP with a very generous package, but I already made my mind to go to GWU.
  10. I called them last week and they told me that my file is still under department review. If I don't hear until by Thursday, I will just give up on this one and choose one of the other universities. I think that you should also call them. If more people call, they may hurry up.
  11. Guys, while I received my admission package two weeks ago, I am still to receive the financial package reply, which I understood from the admission email that it will be decided separately. Is anyone else in this situation and what would you recommend me to do? Should I call them?
  12. Hi there. I think that you may still receive an offer during April and May, mainly because they send the packages in batches. I received an acceptance offer (sadly without funding) without having an interview. I declined the offer.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, @3dender . I decided to wait for the results from UMD before I choose an offer, but it must before April 15. Last year you heard back from them before mid-April?
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