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In the August of 2018 semester, I will be starting my applications for graduate school. I will be applying to SLP Master's programs. I want some opinions about what my chances are of being accepted into graduate school! 

I will finish my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, my Bachelors of Arts in Sociology, and my minor in Communicative Disorders in May 2018, and then I will be taking a year off before going to graduate school due to personal reasons. I decided during my junior year of undergrad that psychology was no longer my plan for graduate school. After speaking with advisers in the SLP undergrad program at my school, they told me that not to change my undergraduate degrees, but instead to add the minor in communicative disorders to get my prerequisites done for grad school. 

My current GPA is a 3.725 and will most likely be around a 3.80 by the time I finish undergraduate in May 2018. Currently, I have 25 hours of observation at my schools speech-language-hearing clinic. During the year that I will be taking off, I will be completing around 100 hours of observation. I have been a mentor for over 40 students in my sociology program, a tutor for my honors society in the psychology department, and a department ambassador for the sociology department. I have been a volunteer softball coach and pitching instructor since 2009 and have logged around 600 hours of volunteering in this area. I work 25 hours at week at my schools admissions office and have worked there for around 4 years. I am also apart of 2 other honors societies. I have tried my hardest to get involved in school and make my resume standout. 

I also have 4 people already that have agreed to write me a letter of recommendation (2 professors and 2 bosses). I took the GRE twice and got a 150 verbal and 145 Quantitative and 4 writing. The second time I took it I got a 150 Verbal and a 147 Quantitative and a 4.5 writing. I have never been good at taking these kinds of tests and often have test anxiety. 

I am applying to 5 graduate schools. Do you think that these qualifications and the things that I have done will make me a good candidate for receiving admission into SLP Master's programs? 


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