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International Relations, MA, Profile Evaluation

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Hello, I am currently applying for international relations programs and would like an evaluation of my profile.  Any help would be appreciated (and maybe a reality check).

Professional Experience: 4 years military officer - job was extremely relevant to IR.  This is the strength of my application.

Undergraduate: State School, International Studies major.  Cumulative GPA: 3.47; Major GPA: 3.90.  I took physics and calculus during my undergrad which destroyed my GPA.  This is by far my biggest concern of my application.

GRE: V: 158; Q: 157; AW: 5.0.  Am planning on taking this again, believe I can improve this to 160-165 range.

Research Experience: None really, mostly relying on my professional experience.

Publications: None


Desired Schools: Chicago CIR, Yale Global Affairs, Georgetown Govt., Columbia PoliSci


My biggest concern is my undergraduate GPA.  My major GPA was decent but my cumulative suffered significantly because of calculus and physics.  Do these schools have a strict cutoff that they don't advertise?  I believe my professional experience is extremely relevant and sets me apart, but this is worthless if that won't even be looked at because of my GPA.

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