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PhD Stat Evaluation Stuck


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I am really eager to do a PhD Statistics. But I am even not sure if I my application would fit any program. I got my Masters in Statistics at one of Cal State schools this summer, my bachelor's was in economics, but I received it a long time ago in Central Asia. Between these periods, I did MBA at a very small school in Oakland, then I also did some doctorate at that school but quit that since it was even not worth it finishing. I would really appreciate an honest evaluation so that I need to decide whether I am encouraged to start any application. 

Math Courses: Calculus of year long from my bachelors. It fits any Calculus 1 and 2 here in the US. 

Statistics courses in my Masters: Probability Theory (A), Advanced Statistical Inference (A), Statistical Theory (A-), Analysis of Variance (A-), Theory and Application of Regression (A),

Mathematical Statistics (A) ( Two quarters), SAS programming (A), R Programming (B), Data visualization (A), Database Architecture (B-) ( I regret taking this unnecessary class out of statistics)

GPA in my Masters of Stat : 3.758 ( That Database class really hurt me, no idea why I took it)

Recent GRA : Q - 167, V-154, W- 3 ( I need to retake it to boost both verbal and writing, but since I am international I am not sure if I can boost my verbal, but I can do better in writing.)


School lists: I have not idea because my professors are telling me that most good schools look for real analysis class in my transcripts, so this is holding me from applying. 


I would really appreciate your evaluation. Thank you.




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You might get more responses if you use the traditional format for profile evaluations. Just look up someone else's profile evaluation on the forum and you'll see the (more or less) standard format.

Good news: Your GRE is probably fine, so I don't think it's worth retaking at all. Maybe the writing score is a little low, but no one really knows how much (if at all) that factors in.

Bad news: There is almost zero chance to be admitted to a (reputable) PhD program with that math background. You would AT LEAST need multivariate calculus and linear algebra. Having these two courses is the bare minimum, but may get you admitted to a program ranked 50-100.

To really be competitive, you should take (and do well) in real analysis. Acing those three courses will put you in the running at legitimate programs. 

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