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PhD Political Science Profile Evaluation + Potential Advisers

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Hi there,

I am a history student from Israel. I have developed a reasonable expertise in the Balkans and the Post-Soviet space (esp. Azerbaijan). I'd be applying mostly to history programs, but since some of my research questions are contemporary and utilise qualitative methodology drawn from Political Science, I thought to pursue this direction as well given that some potential advisers teach Political Science and not History.

Majors: History at Tel Aviv University

Minor:  Self-designed, mostly Eastern European Studies

Cumulative GPA: 92 out of 100

GRE: 161 Verb, 161 Quant, 6 Writing

Research Experience: 2 chapters in books (1 peer-reviewed), 1 peer-reviewed paper in journal, working on another paper for a journal. All in Russian history.

Research Interests: Communism, religion, and state in Soviet and Post-Soviet Azerbaijan and Socialist and Post-Socialist Yugoslavia; "Third-World consciousness" and relations between these regions and the Middle East.

LoRs: I've marked 4 potential writers: 1 who knows me well for 2 years, and I'll be taking her seminar this year. 1 professor who taught me in an intro class and will teach me in 2 seminars these year; 2 whom I know shallowly but will teach me two seminars, of which one is a graduate seminar, this year

Other: I speak and ready fluently in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian (up until now certified by ACTFL scores), I speak and read well in Azeri, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian, Greek (will test my level before I apply).

I'd be happy to hear your thoughts and perhaps suggestions for programs if you know anything that might help.


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