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  1. TsarandProphet

    Deciding on a writing sample

    Without seeing any of the papers, I'd suggest that you choose your strongest one - which should be engaging with primary sources and secondary sources when needed. There is no golden ratio. I applied to study Eastern European history in macro, but my paper was rather micro and its repertoire of primary sources was a single journal.
  2. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    See you in New Haven, then!
  3. TsarandProphet

    Which languages should I focus the most on?

    As a Russianist, I'll weigh in and say that medieval and early modern Russia is not a very big scholarly pond to work in these days with very few specialists outside Russia - and definitely requires Russian AND Old Church Slavonic, and the latter is very difficult to master due to the lack of learning resources. Should you choose to pursue the Russianist path, let me know and I'll be happy to introduce you to the scholars in the field and suggest some resources for language training -- but you will need a high level of Russian first.
  4. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    Couldn't make it but accepted my offer. Would be happy to hear any thoughts!
  5. TsarandProphet

    Do top grad schools care about your course load?

    If it helps, my experience: BA in Israel (3 years normally, 96 credits - each lecture course is 2 credits, each seminar is 4). Even though I was drafted to the army during the first semester of my first year, I was able to complete 36 credits (out of 40 attempted). During my second year, which was only 3 years later, I completed 48 credits (which is an awful lot), leaving me with 12 hours for this final year. Got into Yale/UIUC.
  6. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    Congratulations! Where will you be published?
  7. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    I have just accepted my offer at Yale. I hope it will free a spot for someone at Illinois and bump someone up Princeton and Michigan's waiting lists.
  8. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    I was waitlisted at UMich and presumably rejected from Harvard, Chicago, and Princeton. I plan to accept the offer from Yale soon, so I hope it gives someone a seat at the University of Illinois.
  9. TsarandProphet

    Lessons Learned: Application Season Debriefings

    Find one or two, but not more, professors to mentor you through the process. Professors nice enough to read drafts and comment thoroughly and constructively, but not those who will let your flaws slip through in order to avoid hurting you. Not more than that, because then you can get 4-5 contradicting opinions that will make your essays a hodgepodge of crap.
  10. TsarandProphet

    New Haven,CT

    I was admitted to Yale! I was wondering if anyone can recommend managed apartments (Is 360 State really worth the price? Is Corsair really dorm-like?).
  11. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    I hope to, but I don't have a visa! I've sent an urgent mail to the embassy here to see if I can still make it.
  12. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    Yale admittees - were you also approached by current graduate students after receiving the email? It's so nice of them!
  13. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    I have also just received my acceptance to Yale! What are your subfields? I am doing Eastern European History.
  14. TsarandProphet

    Urbana-Champaign, IL

    Does anyone have any experience with managed complexes that are not really for students? I am thinking Baytowne Apartments in Champaign or Eastland Apartments? Alternatively, how are the apartments managed by the university?
  15. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    I had an interview with UPenn today, where they said we still have 2-3 weeks of waiting ahead of us.

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