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  1. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    Couldn't make it but accepted my offer. Would be happy to hear any thoughts!
  2. TsarandProphet

    Do top grad schools care about your course load?

    If it helps, my experience: BA in Israel (3 years normally, 96 credits - each lecture course is 2 credits, each seminar is 4). Even though I was drafted to the army during the first semester of my first year, I was able to complete 36 credits (out of 40 attempted). During my second year, which was only 3 years later, I completed 48 credits (which is an awful lot), leaving me with 12 hours for this final year. Got into Yale/UIUC.
  3. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    Congratulations! Where will you be published?
  4. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    I have just accepted my offer at Yale. I hope it will free a spot for someone at Illinois and bump someone up Princeton and Michigan's waiting lists.
  5. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    I was waitlisted at UMich and presumably rejected from Harvard, Chicago, and Princeton. I plan to accept the offer from Yale soon, so I hope it gives someone a seat at the University of Illinois.
  6. TsarandProphet

    Lessons Learned: Application Season Debriefings

    Find one or two, but not more, professors to mentor you through the process. Professors nice enough to read drafts and comment thoroughly and constructively, but not those who will let your flaws slip through in order to avoid hurting you. Not more than that, because then you can get 4-5 contradicting opinions that will make your essays a hodgepodge of crap.
  7. TsarandProphet

    New Haven,CT

    I was admitted to Yale! I was wondering if anyone can recommend managed apartments (Is 360 State really worth the price? Is Corsair really dorm-like?).
  8. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    I hope to, but I don't have a visa! I've sent an urgent mail to the embassy here to see if I can still make it.
  9. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    Yale admittees - were you also approached by current graduate students after receiving the email? It's so nice of them!
  10. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    I have also just received my acceptance to Yale! What are your subfields? I am doing Eastern European History.
  11. TsarandProphet

    Urbana-Champaign, IL

    Does anyone have any experience with managed complexes that are not really for students? I am thinking Baytowne Apartments in Champaign or Eastland Apartments? Alternatively, how are the apartments managed by the university?
  12. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    I had an interview with UPenn today, where they said we still have 2-3 weeks of waiting ahead of us.
  13. TsarandProphet


    American History R_Escobar (20th century, American Indian), crazedandinfused (antebellum, intellectual), hopin'-n-prayin' (southern, religious), stevemcn (transnational), Simple Twist of Fate (early American), zb642 (20th century, labor/working-class culture), BCEmory08 (19th-20th century Catholicism, labor), irvinchiva10 (20th century, immigration/immigration reform) natsteel (early American political culture and intellectual history) unforth (19th century US political and military history, US Civil War) hbeels (colonial, early national, 19th century, transappalachain west, historical memory of these eras/areas) thedig13 (20th century U.S.; built environment, modern consumer culture, race, and immigration) Weepsie (North American Mapping, Exploration and Trade, Anti-Communism/Socialism in Interwar period, bit of a mixed bag) lafayette (19th c. [with a dash of 20th], urban, intellectual) vtstevie (Revolutionary/Early Republic New England, infrastructure/economic) macmc (Feminist, gender, and LGBT history) HistThrift (early America, indigenous history) junotwest (19/20th century African-American, Cultural/Intellectual, Gender & Sexuality) calhoun&caffeine (19th cen. Southern [political]) tampopo ramen (19th-20th century capitalism/business) BookishVixen (late 18th-early 20th ce maritime communities, cultural, gender & sexuality) hardtack&coffee (19th Century American Social & Military History, American Civil War) spellbanisher (economic and cultural history of the gilded age, progressive era, and the 1920s) ThisGreatFolly (intellectual, religious, political violence, rhetoric) lily9 (Indigenous history, social history, public history) ashiepoo72 (Cold War foreign policy and intelligence agencies, decolonization, transnational history) e_randolph (citizenship, politics, culture, early republic, borderlands) Karou (Indigenous history, French and Spanish settler-colonialism, US South, sexual violence and colonization, decolonization/decolonial methods) European History Kelkel (Modern Germany, political), goldielocks (Britain), SapperDaddy (Eastern and Central Europe), kotov (Modern Romania, Holocaust, labor), RevolutionBlues (Modern Western Europe/France labor and leftist politics), theregalrenegade (18th/19th cent British Empire/environment), jrah822 (19th century Britain; emphasis on colonial relationship to India), grlu0701 (Intellectual & cultural history,fin de siecle Germany and Italy), naturalog (modern European [mostly German] intellectual and cultural/sexuality and gender/political radicalism), runaway (Eastern/Central, memorialization & visual culture), Sequi001 (Modern France, gender and sexuality, colonialism/imperialism) Abetheh (19th/early 20th century Germany and France, religious politics vs secularization) NeutralKate (Modern Russia, modern European economic history) Crackerjacktiming (Modern Germany, gender and sexuality) GloFish (USSR, Stalinism, Soviet-American Relations) jamc8383 (19th/20th century France, interwar culture, relationship between body, mind & place) Heimat Historian (19th/20th century Germany, migration, settler colonialism) AshleyJuneBug (Early Modern France and Britain, gender and sexuality) maelia8 (19th/early 20th century Germany, imperialism and colonialism, travel, exploration) BookishVixen (Victorian and Edwardian English imperialism/gender & sexiality) episkey (19th/20th century France, gender and sexuality, Holocaust) AngesRadieux (18th/early 19th century France, cultural history, music) ManifestMidwest (modern France, colonialism & imperialism, Pacific worlds) DGrayson (early modern Western Europe [focusing mostly on England right now], economic and religious history) Ziggysunshine (19th/20th century Belgium, architecture and urban planning, intellectual history) TsarandProphet (Balkans, Ottoman/Russian/Habsburg History, history of knowledge, modern) African History Oseirus (precolonial/early colonial West Africa), Singwaya18 (20th century East Africa), Safferz (20th century Horn/Northeast Africa), The People's Scholar (Spanish colonialim in Africa- i.e. middle/West Africa) Jogatoronto (Psychiatry in early colonial West Africa) ronwill06 (Social and political radical movements) Heimat Historian (German settlements in Southern Africa) thekatieladybird (Post-independence conflict and social histories in Central Africa) fortsibut (Gender and religious issues in 20th century sub-Saharan Africa) Latin American History CageFree RIP (20th century, Southern Cone) BH-history, The People's Scholar (18th-19th century Colombia) StrangeLight (20th century Central America) Heimat Historian (German settlements in Southern cone and Mexico) Mujereslibres (German informal colonization of Peru, Brazil, and Chile) AP East Asian History alleykat (Modern China) getitlow (Modern China: Republican, Women, Gender and Sexuality) kyjin (Pre-Modern Japan) aec09g (Modern Japan) pudewen (Late Imperial China) kdavid (Modern China; focus on the Republican period) Minion.banana (late imperial China, Islam, intellectual networks) qkhitai (Medieval China and Central Asia, literature and ethnicity) lordtiandao (Imperial China: political and fiscal) Near/Middle Eastern History uhohlemonster, (modern Israel, Iran, Palestine) oswic (modern Egypt, gender) Conmel (modern pan-Islamic thought/networks) Baloch (Oman) Atlantic World sandyvanb crazedandinfused Global/World History cooperstreet (Cold War) melissarose8585 Heimat Historian (German settlements throughout world) ashiepoo72 (Cold War foreign policy and intelligence agencies, decolonization, transnational history) Jewish History uhohlemonster, (modern Israel) hopin'-n-'prayin, kotov (Holocaust), naturalog (sometimes modern European/Holocaust), runaway (memorialization & visual culture), ticklemepink (20th c. Germany/U.S) awells27 (Late Antiquity: Roman Empire/Palestine/Byzantine) Science/Technology/Environment shaxmaty1848 (Cold War) StrangeLight (environmental history, ecological distribution conflicts) sukipower (20th c. forensic science & anthropology, 19th c. science and medicine) Neist (19th/20th c. biological sciences) seh0517 (scientific illustration, ancient egyptian science & medicine, astronomy, mortuary science) lily9 (Indigenous science and how it fit into architecture and urban planning (especially astronomy) WhaleshipEssex (18/19th c. horology, timekeeping, and temporality) Social annieca (Cold War and Post-Cold War East and Central Europe) BookishVixen (Spheres of influence, Progressive Era reforms affecting immigration) Classical and Medieval Hogs of War (Monastic Studies and Conflicts in Authority) telkanuru (high Medieval intellectual and social history, Cistercian studies) AbbeyRoad (Monastic History, Gender, Cistercians) Kirialax ("Dark Age" Byzantium; the Komnenoi) Cultural StrangeLight (gender, race, ethnicity, and religion) hbeels (race/ethnicity, religious, masculinity/feminimity, print/literature) crazedandinfused (race, nationalism, performance, rhetoric) alleykat (religion, race/ethnicity, cultural relativism) Heimat Historian (German culture in transnational context) nhhistorynut (20th century US, African American, race/racism, Black nationalism) Canadian History truthfinder (New France, religious) lily9 (Indigenous history) South Asia pakhistorian (Pakistan/Bangladesh,cultural, social, political, women, public history, digital history) Southeast Asia kxlx (early modern, colonialism, port cities, Islam)
  14. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    Just got an acceptance letter to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign! So excited!
  15. TsarandProphet

    Applications 2019

    My Yale interview was something like 25 minutes and involved no questions about my project, my proposed field of study or anything like that. Only casual talk.

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