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Retake Chemistry GRE? What is a good/bad score?


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I recently received my scores back from the September chemistry GRE exam. I completely bombed it and ended up with a 48th percentile (690). Is this score good enough to send to schools or should I retake the exam? My dilemma is that I don't know if I can get a better score since the next exam is in two weeks. Additionally, the closest testing site is over 50 miles away from me. I am signed up for it but I don't know if its worth retaking.

I currently have a 3.77 GPA; my normal GRE was Q: 165, V:163, and W: 5.0; and I have had three research experiences (one at school for the past 2.5 years and two REU programs). I don't have any publications, but I have presented at the ACS conference last spring. 

I am applying to top schools, such as MIT, Northwestern, and UC Berkeley. But, I am also applying to a few "safety" schools. If I am a domestic student (US citizen), will my score negatively impact me?

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From what I've heard the Chem GRE is one of the least important parts of the application. I've seen people claim that they got into Berkeley, MIT, Cal Tech, etc. with subject scores below the 40th percentile. Considering the strength of the rest of your application and that you're a domestic student, I wouldn't let your subject score keep you from applying to the top schools. 

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