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  1. Who’s ready for the first round of offers from Stanford tomorrow?? Hah. Just kidding around.. but if they do the same thing as last year they sent a ton out the Tuesday after MLK Monday. I think last year most of the offers on 1/17/17 were for organic.
  2. Was your interview part of a visit after you had been accepted? I'm not really sure what to expect during the visit weekend interviews, and if those are different than an interview as part of the admissions process.
  3. Has anyone else heard from Berkeley for physical? I've seen mostly organic or unspecified offers from Berkeley on the results page.
  4. The most recent offer from Berkeley is pretty intriguing. GPA of 3.3 and no chemistry score.
  5. I applied for physical and targeted biophysical/chem-bio groups in my application. I know at least one person on this site has gotten into Berkeley for physical, but that's interesting info -- thanks!
  6. Considering a good amount of offers have been sent out by Berkeley and Northwestern, does anyone have any insight into a waiting applicant's remaining chances of admission to these schools' programs?
  7. I just received my first acceptance! Cornell University for biophysical chemistry
  8. From what I've heard the Chem GRE is one of the least important parts of the application. I've seen people claim that they got into Berkeley, MIT, Cal Tech, etc. with subject scores below the 40th percentile. Considering the strength of the rest of your application and that you're a domestic student, I wouldn't let your subject score keep you from applying to the top schools.
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