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Fieldwork Proposal for Previously Unknown Region


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In 2018 cycle, I'm applying to several PhD programs in Anthropology with focus on Psychological/Medical Anthropology. I'll be holding Psychology BA (and Soc. minor) from an university in Turkey. I have conducted a year-long fieldwork abroad, doing RAship, and completed several doctoral classes (one was primarily on research methods in Cul. Anthropology).

However, I just noticed (or made aware of that) my research plan for the PhD is quite unusual. It'll be in a southern African region which I've never been to. I've been reading about that region for two years, following the news on a daily basis; and developed a pretty good research projection. Since, I'm not living in a place with culture of "voluntourism for students in gap years"/"humanitarian trips to Africa," and unfortunately never enjoyed such privilege. My professors just briefly told me that Africanist anthropologists would not let me in with such inexperience. What do you think? Do you know anybody who could get admitted to a PhD program with such a fieldwork proposal? Should I just adapt my research proposal for a region which I've somewhat experienced?

Thank you!

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