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Statistics PhD Profile Eval


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Hello everyone, I'm currently working on applications for PhD programs to start next fall. I would love honest feedback on my general profile (though some information is missing), I'll continue to update once the information becomes available to me. 

Undergrad Institution: Large public California State school 

Major(s): Statistics with Emphasis in Economics 

Minor: Considering adding a mathematics minor. 

GPA: Cumulative 3.72, Major 3.54

Type of Student: Domestic Minority Female 

GRE General Test:

Q:  Pending (expecting to do well) 

V: Pending (unsure)

W: Pending (expecting to do well)

GRE Subject Test in Mathematics:

Scheduled to take 28 Oct. 2017 - thinking about pulling out, not very confident I'll do well, not too much time left to study.

Research Experience: 

  1. Independent Project - "Categorical Data Analysis: Comparing R and SAS for logistic and Poisson regression" Presented at Western Users of SAS Software in September, listed in conference proceedings. 
  2. Independent Paper (in progress) to be submitted to SAS Global Forum 
  3.  Research Assistant for forensic economist. 

Courses: Calc1 (A), Calc2 (A), Calc 3 (B-), Intro to Computer Programming (A),  Linear Algebra (B-), Intro to Proofs (A-), Probability and Stats I (B), Probability and Stats II (A), Intro into SAS (B), Categorical Data Analysis (A), Intro into Econometrics (A) 

Currently taking: Intro to Linear Models, Mathematical Economics (graduate course), Advanced Econometrics (graduate course), Probability Models - expected to do very well this semester (all A's) 

To take next semester: Design and Analysis of Experiments, Introduction to Statistical Learning and Data Mining, Real Analysis. - expected to do very well (all A's)


Poor grades in  Linear Algebra and Intro to SAS to be discussed in statement of purpose.  (Was working 2 jobs to support family, I'm actually quite proud of my grades) 

Letters of Recommendation: 

  • From my advisor who is the head of statistics at my school, also have taken 4 classes with him, he helped me with independent research 
  • From another statistics professor (have taken 2 classes with her)
  • From an econ professor (have taken 2 classes with him 1 undergrad, 1 graduate) 

Programs Applying: I would like to continue studying economics/policy based statistics, but I am far more interested in the actual mathematics/statistics. I am also interested in bio statistics, but I don't think my profile lends itself to those programs. None of these programs are really set in stone, as I am still gathering information about what they specialize in, but I'm having a hard time finding relevant information and my advisor hasn't been able to meet with me yet. 

PHD (All statistics) - In no order 

George Washington University 

Rice University 

University of Colorado - Denver

University of Connecticut

University of Georgia 

University of Maryland (maybe)

Carnegie Mellon (Reach) 

University of NC - Chapel Hill (Reach)

Yale (Reach) 


My GPA (both cumulative and Major) are not very competitive, and I'm basically assuming that my math subject score will be non-considerable. I'm hoping to make up for these deficits with my penchant for research - I'm very passionate about research and statistics (the subject is absolutely fascinating to me and I'm thrilled to be able to continue studying it). 

I would love both feedback on my profile and program list as well as suggestions for programs that I might not have considered previously. Any and all feedback is welcomed and encouraged! 


Thank you in advance, 



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