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I saw a similar question like this on this forum already and the responses encouraged the asker to be specific about their needs.

I am happy to study in Europe or America (or somewhere else). My family resides in the Midwest of America. I want to use this degree in public policy work. I am fine with the degree title being combined with some other related focus that I’ve interest in. I am of Iranian desent, speak Farsi, Spanish and English. I want to learn about conflict and history in the Middle East as it pertains to the current conflicts Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey face, among other countries. I want to ultimately help inform the U.S. through public service work after obtaining this degree. Can you guys help me narrow my research down to a few schools that would be a good fit for me?

Preferences: a school that provides funding. is in Europe or America. small classses. more papers than tests.


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also looking for master on Middle East, my interested choices are:  SOAS--middle east studies; Oxford--Modern Middle East Studies; Leiden University--Middle East and Islamic Studies.

They differ in focus, and you might check the websites!

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Second SOAS and Oxford. I may also add Edinburgh. Each programme has some graduate scholarships.

St Andrews has Middle Eastern Studies with even Iranian Focus. I think it is good at security studies.

Durham is a smaller school with a MA with Int. Relations focus (Middle East).

There are 3rd party funding such as Fulbright and Marshall for 
US citizens.

Lund Uni, Sweden. has some scholarships for non EU students

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