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A "are my GRE scores too low" thread


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Hi, I recently took the Chem GRE and scored a 167V and 160Q. Am I wasting my time applying to some of the higher end schools (UChicago, Berkeley, Stanford, MIT etc.) with that lower Quantitative score, or is there hope? I have a 3.938 GPA for another metric. I also have a REU experience and a positive letter of rec from someone who obtained a Ph.D. from one of those schools and was a postdoc at another one of them, although I'm not sure how much that will help...

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1 hour ago, samman1994 said:

I'd say you have a good GRE score, combined with the GPA, you shouldn't have any problems 

Thanks for the input. Obviously there’s no guarantee that I’ll get into those top schools, but I didn’t want it to be because the Q score on my GRE was too low...

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I am applying right now for the first time and my GRE score is pretty low. Any of you think I might have a chance of getting accepted? Any feedback would greatly appreciated! 

Undergrad Institution: Small Private Institution 

Major(s): Chemistry/ Specialization: Biochemistry

GPA in Major: 3.99

Position in Class: one of the top students

Type of Student: Domestic, female

 GRE Scores: (taking it tomorrow, these are from practices)

Q: 159

V: 148

W: 3-3.5 

 Research Experience:

-          4 yrs of undergraduate research experience in two organic & inorganic projects

-          4months full-time chemistry research internship at Pacific Northwest National Lab

 Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Few

President's award for outstanding senior (only one presented)

Awarded as outstanding junior (only one presented)

ACS outstanding senior

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Chem tutor for 3.5 yrs, chem outreach experiences, TA

 Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:

Numerous poster presentations at ACS meetings & symposiums. Research seminar with faculty as judges. 

Special Bonus Points:

Strong letters of rec from research mentors. Received pretty good email responses from faculties at schools I'm applying. 

 Applying to Where: Chem program

Brown, Boston U, Boston College. I've narrowed down to these 3 that most interested me and are close to home. Should I apply to more schools? 

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