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Undergrad Institution: Big State School
Major(s): Industrial Engineering
Minor(s): Mathematics
3.31 Industrial Engineering
2.88 in Mathematics (Freshman Calculus Sequence is really killing me here, chalk it up to youthful ignorance)
Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male
Courses Taken: Calculus I (B), Calculus II (C), Calculus III (B), Applied Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (A), Discrete Math (A), Probability (A), Statistics (A) , Operations Research I (A-), Operations Research II (A), Statistical Process Control (A), Discrete Event Simulation (B+), Engineering Design of Experiments (A), Physics (all A's), Vector Statics/Dynamics (C/C, by far my weakest subjects), Digital Logic(B-), Strength of Materials (C), Properties of Materials (A) 
Courses in Progress: Theoretical Linear Algebra, Applied Regression, Upper and lower division Numerical Analysis
Courses I will be taking in the future (These aren't gonna be on my app before applying): Undergraduate Real Analysis, Graduate Generalized Linear Models,  Graduate Numerical Linear Algebra, Stochastic Calculus or Abstract Linear Algebra, Intro to ML

GRE General Test:
 163 (84th percentile)
V: 166 (97th percentile)
W: 4.0 (60th percentile)
GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: No plans on taking it
Programs Applying: A mix of Stat, OR and Biostat MS/PhDs
Research Experience: n/a (probably a dealbreaker for PhD programs?) May have some work beginning in January, but would be irrelevant for apps.
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's list a few times, but nothing of note
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Did a fair amount of engineering work in industry. Had an 8 month full-time co-op with a major medical device manufacturer, did a major facility redesign at a different medical manufacturer for senior design project, recently had a process engineering internship at a major hospital provider.
Letters of Recommendation: Two letters confirmed, one PhD in Biostat the other in Systems Engineering. No idea of quality though; scrambling to find third. No response from faculty member who knows me fairly well, so not hopeful on that front
Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: I'm mostly interested in pursuing Bayesian methods and computational stat with side interests in ML and stochastic optimization

Applying to (far from complete, please let me know if you have any suggestions, this needs to be pruned down):


  • NC State (MSc, Operations Research)
  • OSU (MS, Statistics)
  • Penn State (MS, Statistics)
  • Purdue (MS, Industrial Engineering with OR focus)
  • Purdue (MS, Statistics)
  • UCLA (MS, Biostatistics)
  • UCI (PhD, Statistics)
  • UCR (PhD, Applied Statistics)
  • UIUC (MS, Statistics)
  • USC (PhD, Operations Research)
  • USC (PhD, Biostatistics)
  • UC Berkeley (PhD, IEOR) (waste of time?)
  • UCSB (MS, Statistics)
  • UMass Amherst (MS, Statistics)
  • University of Michigan (MS, Statistics)
  • University of Wisconsin at Madison (PhD, Industrial Engineering)
  • UT at Austin (MS, Operations Research)
  • UT at Austin (MS, Statistics)


  • University of British Columbia (MSc, Statistics)
  • Simon Fraser University (MSc, Statistics)
  • Simon Fraser University (MSc, Mathematics (with focus on Operations Research))
  • University of Alberta (MSc, Statistics)
  • University of Waterloo (MMath, Biostatistics)
  • University of Waterloo (MMath, Statistics)
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