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Can any of you students help me?



Hello. I am just a dad with a one year old son. He is my only child. I am 43 years old. I am also a commercial fisherman. I am not a douchebag. I have an uphill battle trying to get timeshare w him. He was conceived with a woman I barely knew, and she is a successful professional. I love him the same or more than any parent.  I have been trying to be allowed to be a part of his life since before he was born. Right now I get one overnight every other Saturday, and drive 1-1/2 hrs away twice a week to spend 3 hrs tues and Thursday. It's unsustainable work wise and sleep wise, as I work long days and am unable to work in blocks w this schedule, and am pretty much emotionally exhausted due to missing him and the daily manipulative written exchanges w his mom for almost 2 years. I am just seeking 48 consecutive hrs a week w me for the time being, until my 7 month crabbing season ends or when I can get to court.  I know we bond so much whenever he is allowed to stay overnight with me. We were recently assigned to a court-appointed coparenting counselor, who happens to have a 3 month old child and got separated one month ago. She has stated that it is inappropriate for a child his age to spend nights away from his mom, and has given me the homework assignment to research "attachment" and "appropriate timeshare schedules for a child age 0-5". Can any of you help me, or send me links to research that indicates otherwise? As well as anything that indicates it's harmful for him not to have significant overnights w me, or the Ill effects of being overprotected. Thank you in advance. I just had the idea that maybe a student w up to date knowledge would care enough to respond to this. 

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In my view, it is not about the knowledge or skill criteria but albout the attitude. If it truly about the legal requirement, so ask her proof to trust then find the origin of that document. If she can not bring out the proofs or say something unreasonably, just ask her sympathy. I think it is good way but you must try so much more.

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