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It seems there isn't a topic yet, so I'll just start it here. Got rejected for 1st round interview.

Good luck to others in this application cycle! I learned a lot about myself from filling out the application, and I am glad I went through the process.

For those googling for this thread, here is the text of the rejection:

Thank you for your application to the Hertz Foundation Fellowship Program. We greatly appreciate your interest in the Hertz Foundation Fellowship and we strongly encourage your continuing contributions to science and technology.

This year we received just under 700 applications and were able to choose only 100 of the applicants to move to the first round of personal interviews.  I regret to inform you that your application was not selected to be among those selected for a personal interview.   I regret to inform you of this fact, particularly since the Foundation values the pursuit of applied science and engineering by creative young PhD candidates like yourself.  

Though we do not provide feedback on individual applications, I can assure you that your candidacy was given very serious consideration. Application materials were reviewed by two members of our Selection Committee. They look for not just academic excellence, but creativity, early demonstration of research capabilities, motivation and confidence, and the strong endorsement of those traits by references. The final decision was based on a total assessment of these factors.

If you were not selected for an interview, it does not mean that there was any defect in your credentials. In fact, we rarely see an applicant that we would not choose to fund were the necessary financial resources were available. Like Rhodes, Marshall and Churchill, our overall success ratio is slightly under 2%.  

Thank you and congratulations for committing to a career in science and technology. On behalf of all of us at the Hertz Foundation, I send best wishes for much success in your future endeavors.


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