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Programmes with focus on psychoanalysis (non-clinical)



Hi everyone!

Do you know any good graduate programmes (either US, Canada and Europe) in cultural studies/anthropology/etc. with a strong focus on (or supportive to) psychoanalysis? Or any psychoanalytic graduate programme which doesn't require previous major in psychology? I've heard about exclusively psychoanalytic programmes in UCLBirkbeck and Essex, but I wish I had a wider choice.

Thanks in advance! :D

P.S. btw, my work lies in the field of psychoanalytical criticism of video games and digital culture as whole. So, I guess programmes in comparative literature (which could often be psychoanalysis-friendly) would not be a good suggestion. 

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There are a number of programs in the U.S. that support psychoanalytic inquiry, the History of Consciousness at UC Santa Cruz being one, but your difficulty might be finding faculty interested in psychoanalysis and digital culture. NYU's PhD in Media, Culture, and Communication might be a good fit, or at least a good example of the kind of program you're looking for (i.e. programs in media and communication). 

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4 hours ago, NeverTooMuchTea said:

I did the MSc Medical Anthropology programme at UCL, and there's a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist on the faculty - Joe Calabrese and Roland Littlewood. Might be suitable for you? There's also a very strong digital anthropology programme in the department which it sounds like you'd enjoy too.

Sounds fascinating!

by the way, have you heard anything about the psychoanalytic studies programme at Trinity College Dublin?

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