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MS Biostat Evaluation

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Undergrad Institution: Large state School

Majors: Mathematics, Economics

GPA: 3.55 (Math: 3.3, Economics: 3.85)

GRE: 162 Q, 157 V

Type of Student: White male

Research Experience: one semester MCMC statistical analysis with risk management professor (who holds a Phd in Economics from Stony Brook and Phd in Risk Mgmt from U Penn)

Awards: Dean's List (three semesters), Hollingsworth Award (best in class for linear algebra)

Jobs and Activities: Volunteer experience (IMPACT), Math tutor (1.5 years)

Coursework: Math: Precalculus (D,A), Calc I (A), Calc II (C+), Calc III (A), Differential Eqs. (A), Proofs (B+), Linear Algebra (highest grade), Intro to Real Analysis (A-), Probability (A-)

                       Stat: Intro to Stat (B+), Stat Methods (A), Econometrics (A), Time Series Econometrics (A-)

                       Biostat: Taking med level biostat next semester

Recommendations: Prof mentioned above (Strong rec), Prof with whom I took two upper division math courses (Medium rec, Harvard Grad, Renowned in field), Prof with whom I took econometrics (Medium rec)

Coding Experience: R, Matlab

This is my first post here. If anyone has any insight on institutions to which I might be accepted, any help would be greatly accepted. Thank you so much.



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So, I've put together a tentative list of program to which I plan to apply:

Cornell (NYC program), U Mass, U Pitt, UMD, GWU, Georgetown, Dartmouth (Quant. Biostats), Boston U, Brown, Rutgers

Does this seem like a fair assessment of programs for which I would be a competitive candidate, or am I aiming too high?

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