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Utoronto OISE application URGENT! URGENT! Please help


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Hello guys, 

I'm is applying for the OISE MA program at Toronto, and here is the official website's information about deadlines:

Main application deadline: November 15, 2017

Main document deadline: November 15, 2017

Program start date: September 2018 (Fall Session)

To guarantee consideration for admission and financial support, applicants are required to complete the online admissions application (including payment) and submit all supporting documents by 5pm (ET), November 15, 2017.

After the main application deadline

After November 15, admission to some programs may remain open. A closing date will be posted in the following chart. Information is updated often, so check regularly.   

The deadline to complete the online admissions application (including payment) is 5pm (ET) on the closing date. All supporting documents must be submitted within seven business days of applying. If not, the application may be considered with documents missing. 


I'm just wondering what does it mean All supporting documents must be submitted within seven business days of applying. Does it mean all documents can be submitted 7 business days after the application deadline (Nov. 15) or everything has to be submitted by Nov 15th 5pm? One of my profs has not submitted her reference letter yet. I am very panic. So please help!


Thank you!!!!!!!!



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The way I read it, the top part is for things due on Nov 15. For these programs, everything, including supporting docs such as letters must be submitted by 5pm EST on Nov 15.

The second part says there are some programs that have later closing dates as it appears in the chart. For these programs, the letters and other supporting docs are due 7 days after applying. 

If your program had a Nov 15 deadline, it's not too late. Many programs are not as strict with their deadlines as their rules seem to be for documents out of your control (e.g. letters). If your letter will be late, first contact your letter writer to remind them of the deadline. Then, contact the school to let them know that unfortunately one of your letters is late. It should be okay. One of my letter writers had a family emergency close to some deadlines and the school was okay with accepting the letters a few days late without needing to provide any reason at all.

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