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Transitioning field to Sociology PhD from History & Econ undergrad

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Hello, I am anxiously writing my SOP now, and found it rather challenging to compose my narrative as someone who majored in History & Economics in college, but now want to get into top Sociology program. I am primarily interested in migration, race and gender and social capital. Found almost 60% of my current draft is around my undergrad experience. What are some key elements one should focus on when writing on the research interests? If you were me, how would you tell a story about transitioning into sociology? Looking forward to your insights!

My background:

Went to a top 30 Liberal Arts College (one of the Seven Sisters)

Majors: Economics & History; minor in French ;    GPA: 3.85/4.0

GRE: V:165 (96%) Q: 169 (96%) AWA: 4.5 (82%)

Research experience: Research assistant to history professor

                                       Senior year independent study and won the history department prize

                                       Advanced econometrics project 

Work experience: 1.5 year at a global fin-tech company


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