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As one of the recipients, I can confirm that Harvard did indeed make admissions calls this Wednesday. :)

As it happens, however, I think that at the time this thread was created, no calls had yet been made. The prof calling me (co-chair of the admissions committee) said on Wednesday afternoon that "this morning we finally received permission to start notifying admitted students," which -- if I heard it correctly -- seems to imply that all the Harvard "acceptances" on gradcafe before Wednesday were bunk. Yet another reason why we need to have TM up and running quickly...

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I'm putting this story on this thread because I'm being very optimistic. :-D

I live in South America, and I'm applying to 12 programs this year. Yesterday, 8:53 AM ET, I'm talking on my cel when my house phone rings. Someone who doesn't speak English picks up, and after about 5 seconds screams "Someone is calling in ENGLISH!" (In Spanish). I race to the phone, pick it up, and hear..."tut tut tut tut". They had hung up and haven't called back since. I know, cuz I've been sitting by the phone like a sixteen year old with a crush. My family now calls my house and makes fun of me for the breathless and immediate answer they get, haha.

This is either the best prank call ever or some university trying to reach me. I saw that Harvard was calling international students and thought that it might be them, but honestly it could be anyone. I have good LORs for Harvard, so I don't think I'm being completely delusional, but still, I'd like to know what you guys think.

It should be an East Coast school, and from there I applied to Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, NYU and UPenn. Also, I've been waitlisted at Yale and accepted at Northwestern, so I guess it could be them as well, but it just seems too early in the morning for Northwestern.

Obviously, I know that this isn't like a seventh caller wins the prize thing, so I'm not worried about affecting a decision or anything like that. I'm just really really curious.

Also, I hope this is a cautionary tale for all you international students out there. The words "No English, please wait" should be known by everyone in your homes during this season! :-D

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