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will not speaking Spanish keep me out?


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Are they MA or PhD programs?

Not knowing the language that you will need to be able to research with could be a bit of an issue when it comes time for the adcom to look over your app. If it's an MA problem, and as long as the rest of your app is pretty good, I don't think there should be a problem - going into the MA, at least with most MA programs in the fields I have looked into, only requires the knowledge of one language. The PhD, however, usually requires 2 or even 3, which is why I asked you to clarify that because it would make a difference I think. The difference is also that most people only need to acquire a reading knowledge, which, in my opinion at least, is relatively easy. In your case you will need listening comprehension, and the speaking ability also - unless of course you can afford to higher a qualified translator. At least you are starting to learn the language.

There were students in my Methods & Theory (req'd course for my History major), who were incredibly perplexed when my professor let them know that they'd need to have a working knowledge of the particular language of the area in which they wish to study - otherwise it could be quite a difficult endeavor trying to get into, say, a PhD program right from the undergrad with 0 language preparation. (eg. you probably shouldn't be applying to study Nazi Germany if you don't have an excellent command of German, and even French, etc. etc.)

Good luck with learning Spanish though, it's an awesome language! I am in the process/have completed several applications already to study Spanish and French, so if you need any help, lemme know and I'll see if I can answer any questions for you!

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thanks for the offer :).

i've applied to a couple of MA programs but mostly PhD. All of the PhD programs require one language + stats for me to move onto dissertation research. i'm hoping the admissions committees will consider that i'll have a couple of years of coursework before going off to do research, and will become fluent during that time. fingers crossed.

i'm having some fun with learning Spanish, though i'm living in Miami right now and the Cuban accent is so horrible that I have to pretend it's not really Spanish to keep myself interested in studying. (sorry to all the Cubans out there, but it's true).

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the Cuban accent is so horrible that I have to pretend it's not really Spanish to keep myself interested in studying. (sorry to all the Cubans out there, but it's true).

Just so you know, wherever you go you'll likely have that reaction and others will have that reaction to your accent. As in, many people from Mexico and Guatemala have told me that I speak Spanish funny because I distinctly speak with a Castilian accent. I found the accent in Sevilla a bit abrasive when I lived in Spain but you get used to it. If you don't, doing fieldwork could be *very* difficult.

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britt, I didn't know you lived in Sevilla (or at least in Spain), I did too! I lived on C/ Arjona near the Maestranza.

Accents/dialects are tricky (especially ones like cubano, sevillano, puertorrique

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i've applied to anthro programs - my research will mainly be with Spanish-speaking populations. minor problem: i don't speak spanish. i'm learning now, and put "beginning" level on my apps, but do you guys think this will be an issue in admissions? (say no).


As far as I'm aware (was told this by a prof), the programs like to see that you had started taking the language of your research prior to entering school. I am in a similar boat as I'm learning Hindi, but I'm only at an intermediate level right now and far from fluent. I made sure to discuss the courses I have taken and will take on my app, and hopefully that will be enough.

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