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I got into the Erasmus Mundus EMTM (tourism mngt) programme last year but with no scholarship unfortunately. I'm applying again this year hoping to get that funding, i'd like to ask if it's alright to have  the same references this year or do you advise on having 2 completely new references? My programme requires 2 references (they suggest univ professors). i've graduated last 2014 so ive been working for 2/3 years already. i plan on having 1 univ professor and 1 employer, though my univ professor would be the same that wrote for my application last year.. of course, the content would be edited.. would that be fine or do you suggest i look for my other professors? the reason why i'd like to have him as my reference is because he was really my mentor during my thesis year.

in addition, ive read from previous EM forums about the reserve/ waiting/main list and waiting time with EACEA, but with my application last year, i was immediately informed that i did not get a scholarship but had a spot as a self-funded student, has the Erasmus mundus changed its selection process or was just the EMTM committee more direct in its process?

hope someone can answer my queries! thanks.

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