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Hello! I have been actively searching for different phd programs in clinical psychology. However, I am torn between if I think I'll make it into a phd program or should I go into a masters program. I have a 3.15 GPA (low, went through situations my first year and a half of college). All my psych classes and basically last 60 credits were all great though. I haven't took the GRE yet, I have 2 years experience as a research assistant at a big hospital in the developmental psychology side of things. I have great recommendations that will be written. I really love City Colleges program but I am afraid that my GPA is too low, will me doing outstanding on my GRE give me a chance?

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Yes, great GRE scores can absolutely help make up for a low GPA. You also want your letters of recommendation, statement of purpose (see Donald Asher's book, "Graduate Admissions Essays"), and writing sample (see Kate Turabian's book, "A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations") to be stellar as well. 

The advice that I received from my mentors was to apply to a mix of both Master's programs and PhD programs. Almost all PhD programs will allow you to scoop up a Master's degree in your second year along the way. Most professors I've spoken with have recommended that I apply to between 10-20 programs, so I chose 16. It's expensive (cost me about $1500 to apply to all), but this is a several year proposition, so making sure you get the very best school you can possibly get into, with the best waiver/stipend/assistantship/fellowship/etc. is totally worth it in the long run.

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