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PSE, TSE or Ecole Polytechnique?


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Hello Everyone,

I'm a Math and Econ undergrad, currently working as a researcher at a think tank. I want to further pursue Econ and am looking to do a Masters in Econ with a focus on policy-making.

I have big time restrictions on tuition fee, as I'll be financing my education myself. No parents.

I'd applied to just two places last year, Paris Saclay and University of Strathclyde. And yes, it was only two places because I didn't know anything about how to apply to a university. Anyway, I got rejected from Paris Saclay, but got through University of Strathclyde (conditional offer, had to pay full tuition fees).

I didn't have GRE scores, or relevant work experience. Now I do (not yet given GRE, but giving in a month's time). The one thing I cannot get is a CGPA score. I know what you guys are gonna say. How could I not have a CGPA score?!?!

So, I did my education in a unique place where there are no exams, and students are judged on their assignments, project submissions, and class participation (never more than 10 in a class). And yes this institute is recognized by the central government.

So getting back, I think I'm ready for applying to a university now. But, I'm a little confused.

My first option would be Paris School of Economics (Analysis and Policy in Economics program). I meet all their requirements. I'm just not sure about how good the university is. From their LinkedIn page, they have alums working in OECD (my dream job :P ).

Second would be Toulouse School of Economics, they have a pretty strong industrial economics background. It's a little bit more expensive, and no focus on policy-making. But even they don't seem to be recognized (even a search in QS rankings website didn't turn up anything, on the other hand PSE was listed).

And last would be Ecole Polytechnique, their MS in Econ is offered through Paris Saclay (yes, the same one which had rejected my application last year). It's a great school, one of the best in France. Not too expensive. It doesn't have a dedicated focus on policy, but they're well recognized and have a very strong econ faculty. I'm just worried about applying here as I've already got rejected once. Do universities have a different admission system for reapplications?

There are some other options too, like SciencePo etc. But given my profile, I'm surmising my chances are slim, and I don't want to waste time (I view it as a very important resource).

Eventually I want to get into policy-making and work with an international instituition, and I've shortlisted these according to that and my profile.

Any thoughts? Please do reply, I would be deeply grateful.

Thanks in advance guys :)




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I can only give you a perspective for Toulouse School of Economics. I am a PhD student there and I did my master 2 Econometrics and Economic Theory (ETE) at TSE as well.  TSE is a great school and the only reason you haven't seen it "recognized" in the rankings is that the school is only ten years old. Rankings are usually done with data for the past 5 years and so on and is only updated so often, so when you look up ranking for TSE you will find the rankings for its first 4 years or so. Give it a few more years, and TSE will be appearing in all rankings. The quantity of professors and researchers in economics is amazing and has no comparison. One way you could notice the rising prestige of TSE is to see the amount of papers published by our faculty. Furthermore, the school is good at helping you find internship and jobs afterwards and during your studies. 

Good luck with your studies!

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