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NDSEG Application - work history


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I'm wrapping up my DoD NDSEG fellowship application, and just discovered that it is automatically removing the units from the "rate of pay" fields in my work history. I had previously entered things as $10/hr, $280/mo, etc. as in biology there is a quite a range of pay formats from hourly to per diem and monthly stipends, and my work experience falls under a range of these. It appears impossible to enter a unit, so numbers are shown simply as $10, $280, etc. Should I leave the pay field blank, try to pick a constant unit and make my pay rates fit into that where I can (although this will be awkward), or try to explain in another field what the unit of pay is? NDSEG isn't picking up the phone and I would appreciate anyone's help on this!

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Try emailing ndsegf@sti-tec.com, that's how I got a hold of them.They responded in ~24 hours. 

Also, thank you for the heads up about the rate of pay being removed. Best of luck with everything! 

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I found it strange that a federal fellowship would want my previous wage history. After all, the fellowship stipend isn't dependent on your previous experience or employment. One would think that a personal statement and CV would give adequate coverage of professional and research experience. 


The application, like the website, reeks of a lowest-bidder copy-and-paste job. I miss ASEE. 

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