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I/O PhD Psychology Applicants-Fall 2018


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I've seen a couple of people post regarding I/O programs responding but not many conversations on it. Any other I/O applicants waiting to hear back? 


I applied to: 

CSU-Fort collins

UGA- Athens

SLU- St Louis

BGSU- Ohio

NCSU- Raleigh

Purdue- Indiana

PSU- Portland

IIT- Illinois

GWSU- Seattle


For those who have spoken with admissions, anything I can prepare for? Thanks! 

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Hey Imposter_Me,

I'm a Canadian applicant, and I've applied to a total of 7 universities: 

- University of Waterloo   - Saint Mary's University  - Western University                 - University at Albany

- Adler University              - University of Guelph       - University of Central Florida


The only university I've heard back from is Adler University. It's a non-profit, private institution that specializes in Psychology graduate programs - it's by far the easiest school (of the 7) to get into. I applied to their master's of Organizational psychology program (my other 6 applications are to I/O). They interviewed me for one hour, and then extended me an offer a few days later. I was also short-listed by the University of Guelph last year, and invited to the university, after a successful phone-interview. Typically, short-listed applicants will be asked to participate in a phone/Skype interview, and then be extended invitations to the university if that goes well. Also, although not in my case, if you receive an invitation to visit the university you will likely receive an official offer as well.

So, the first thing you would have to prepare for is the interview. Between the two interviews, I've been asked questions on a variety of topics from past group-work experiences to my reasons for wanting to pursue graduate study in I/O. 

I hope this helps! Good luck!

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