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Fall 2018 occupational therapy application


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Hi everyone,

I applied to get my master's in occupational therapy for the fall 2018 term.  I applied to:

NOVA southeastern

gannon university 

springfield college

western New England university 

sacred heart university 

Indiana state univeristy

univeristy of st Augustine 

west coast university 

university of Southern California 

shenandoah univeristy 

I got interviews at NOVA and Shenandoah, but I have not heard anything from any other schools. I was wondering if anyone has heard from these schools whether it is just interviews or decisions.  Or does anyone know around what time of the year I should expect to hear based on previous applications? 

Thank you!

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Hi I am currently a senior in my undergrad. I am really worried about my GPA not being high enough to apply for occupational therapy grad school. I currently have a 2.8  overall gpa. In my prereqs I received; C in anatomy, C- anatomy lab, C neuroscience, B+ neuroscience lab, C+ abnormal psych, A in lifespan studies, C+ in stats, A in med term. And I have not yet taken pathology or physiology. 

I was wondering if you think I have a chance at applying in the fall 2018 application and any advice on what to do about my gpa or if I should not worry about it. I was hoping my outside experience might counter balance my lower gpa. I work as a home health aid, I work in medical records at a cancer center, I work as a personal trainer, and I am getting a diabetes certificate with my undergrad work. Let me know your thoughts and opinions. And be honest!

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Hello :)

I only applied to 3 schools: 

Dominican College

American International College

Gwynedd Mercy University

I submitted my apps on Dec 28 2017, had everything verified by Jan 2, and got an email for AIC on Jan 8 letting me know my app was successfully submitted and that a representative will contact me shortly regarding my status.  Haven't heard from the other schools yet.  Now it is just a waiting game lol.  Good luck everyone! 

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Hey! I am replying to Laveryc2. I also applied for the University of St. Augustine. I applied for their Flex MOT program through their Austin, TX campus. I received an email in late January and my interview is on March 17. I read on the website it can take 3 to 6 weeks to hear back about a decision. Hope this helps!!

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