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  1. @TravellingSpeechie @SLP93 I will be attending U of A too! Are you guys from Alberta? Any recommendations for where to live? I'm coming from out of province. Congratulations!!!
  2. Just got an offering with some funding from UBC
  3. @hopeful246 congratulations! I'm finishing up my undergrad at UBC and I've heard some similar comments from local SLPs. However, I do have friends in the program right now who do enjoy it. One of my friends said that the first semester is hard, but I think that's just adjusting to a new program. I also know that you so two clinical placements in your first summer. One month each at two different places. There's also another clinical placement where you alternate days between placement and going to classes. Good luck!
  4. @SLPlease? Nope, my status still says 'Under Review'. I have to keep reading the confirmation e-mail they've sent me to remind me that it's real!
  5. @theyaaz Hi there! After some debating, I'm planning to accept the offer! I'm finishing up my undergrad at UBC. I hope they call you soon! From the results in the past years, it looks like they generally give out acceptances in mid-March. Also, I think they actually send out e-mails regularly, at least that's what it looks like from the past results, so you might not need to check compulsively, but it's so hard not to! Good luck.
  6. I got a call from U of A yesterday with an acceptance and funding. Hope everyone else hears back soon!
  7. @slp_wannabe Hi there. My application has been "Under Review" since the second week of February? When my application was under "Pre-screening," that was before the administrative assistant asked for an official scanned transcript. Once I submitted that, my application went under review. If you're worried, I would e-mail the administrative assistants. They are super helpful!
  8. @VancitySLP Thanks for the insight! It's good to know that UBC has a strong clinical program alongside a good theoretical framework. I was worried based on what I've heard from previous students/SLPs that it wasn't clinical enough.
  9. @SLPhopeful17 from what i've read/heard, subGPA is your last 60 credits counting backwards from last term (or whatever grades they have access to). Cumulative GPA is just ALL you marks.
  10. @speechie_3423 I'm from UBC, and to my knowledge, they average your percentages first then convert it to a 4.33 GPA scale. We don't actually use the GPA scale, and everyone talks about their grades in terms of percentages (ie. I keep hearing that having an 85% average is important). Hope that helps!
  11. @jopyon Although I'm not applying to U of T this year, I initially was going to. I was going to take the anatomy course but decided that I won't do it this year unless I don't get into west coast schools. From what I remember, they've always asking for a research methods and a stats course. It used to be lumped together, but I guess they treat it as separate categories now?
  12. Out of curiosity, has anyone applied for the master's funding with CIHR/NSERC/SSHRC? I'm just curious to see if anyone going into the program is planning on doing a master's thesis with the clinical program.
  13. My sub-average is around 93%. I do have two more courses to go into that calculation, so I think it might lower to 92%. I have no clue what that means on a 4.0 GPA scale since UBC does 4.33 & I have no clue how to convert. @A_linguist I was wondering if you could talk about the UBC program. I've talked to SLPs and a student that's in the program right now, but I always want to know more (esp. since I'm only applying to Alberta & UBC). Do people still say that is really theoretical over clinical? Is it easy to find a job after coming out of that program? Also, anyone know what GRE scores are competitive for Alberta? I'm sitting at 160V, 158Q and 5AW. I know that they've talked about GRE scores a couple of years ago on their blog, but that was a couple of years ago. Plus, they're always making the program more competitive...so, let me know if you have heard anything!
  14. @klfstudent I'm applying to Alberta so I was wondering if you could tell me what you think about the program right now! If you don't mind sharing your stats, or what you know about what Alberta is looking for too would be great.
  15. Oh wow, the new SLP program looks pretty good, at least how they introduce it. It does seem like they are still waiting for accreditation, but it's still exciting that there are 27 more seats for this cycle. Would anyone like to chat about what you have been hearing about how competitive the programs are? I was looking at Alberta and they just up'ed their competitive average to 90%...what does that even mean? If you have around 90% that you'll most likely get in?