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  1. Hi everyone! I'm currently a first year SLP student at U of T. Feel free to ask any questions, private message me, etc. if you want to talk! I know how stressful this experience is so keep your head up! You got this!
  2. Hello everyone, I just firmly accepted UofT so there will be a spot opening up at Western and at Mac. Best of luck!
  3. Hello everyone!! I have just received admission to all the programs I applied for. I will be choosing UofT, which means that 2 positions will open up (one at McMaster and one at Western). Best of luck to everyone on the waitlist!
  4. Am I the only one who has heard NOTHING from UofT? I’m getting concerned.
  5. Hey! I'm still yet to decide but UofT is also my top choice so if I get accepted there I will be turning down my spot at Mac. Best of luck!!
  6. I got into McMaster and Western!!! No response from Toronto but im so happy!!!
  7. Hey everyone, I hope I'm not interrupting the peace by asking this question but IS ANYONE ELSE FREAKING OUT? Best of luck to all of you deserving people. I know I won't be the only one frantically checking my status at midnight tonight.
  8. Hello! I know we find out about the Ontario schools on April 2nd. In the past, people have found out right at midnight but I haven't heard anything about that this year. Does anyone know for sure if ORPAS is going to update at midnight? I am already anticipating the horrible wait on Monday night but I don't want to wind myself up if it may not be updated until later on, on Tuesday. Anyway, if anyone knows if it will be updated right at midnight, that would be awesome! It's getting so close! Thanks!
  9. Hey! I'm not too much help with this but I know someone in the UofT program who had a 3.72 GPA and someone else who had a 4.0 haha! I've heard a lot of mixed answers about what they value the most: marks or experience. I went to an information session last year and the professors were EXTREMELY secretive about their selection process and wouldn't even answer a ball-park GPA range that they look for. I've heard that the majority of students are between a 3.7 and a 4.0 though so I think grades are really important to them. Best of luck!!! It's getting so real!
  10. Thank you!! Do you happen to know if your friend was called before the date (I believe it was April 3rd last year)? I guess im just wondering if I will first see it on ORPAS and then get a call or vice versa. I keep checking my phone and refreshing my ORPAS even though im pretty sure I am just making myself much more anxious! Thanks so much!!!
  11. Hi everyone! I originally posted about a signature but I figured it out. I guess I'll use this no-deleting posts policy to ask a question that I have regarding the schools. Does anyone know if UofT, Western or McMaster calls its students like McGill to offer positions? My phone is broken and I'm wondering if I should rush to get it fixed or if I should just focus on Orpas. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone! I keep hearing that the universities in Ontario look for different things when considering the applicants. Does anyone know (or have any idea) of what they might be? I have heard that UofT is partial to applicants with research experience but does anyone know about the other schools? Thanks
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