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  1. I am really trying to decide if I should apply for this year. I am a senior majoring in Health Promotion with an emphasis in health services. I have a 3.68 GPA right now, but my GRE scores are lacking (150 V; 154 Q). Ive taken the GRE three times, so I don't see my scores going up anymore. I don't know if my scores can be compensated with my GPA or extracurriculars. Genetic Counseling Experience: Summer internship at Northwestern and shadowing 2 genetic counselors Advocacy: Im an education ambassador for Bright Pink which is an organization that strives to save womens lives from breast and ovarian cancer. I am also a counselor at Camp Kesem which is a non-profit organization that puts on a free summer camp for kids who have a parent with cancer. I also went to Africa this past summer for a medical-service learning trip where I got to do community health screenings in the community and perform clinical rotations in the hospitals, where I got to do rotations in family planning, labor and delivery, NICU, nutrition rehabilitation, physical therapy, general surgery, obstetric surgery, and lab. I am also going to be a Meals on Wheels intern next semester. Undergraduate Research: I have been a research assistant for a Professor that studies nutritional genetics for two years
  2. At what point is a GRE score considered very low?
  3. Hey guys I thought it would be good to start a thread for people applying for genetic counseling school for Fall 2017. I am starting to prepare for the GRE and the supplemental materials of the application since I will be in the midst of finals when applications are due. I would love to talk to more people about genetic counseling school who are also applying or have applied previously. I am just now getting a list of programs that I want to apply to, which includes: Northwestern University, Emory University, University of South Carolina, Stanford University, CSU Stanislaus, Boston University, University of Michigan, and UT Houston.