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  1. @Ellaie, did you rewrite your personal statement as well?
  2. the hospital near me with a GC dept doesn't allow shadowing. They're apparently starting a small one at another hospital in town, so pray for me they'll let me see. That should strengthen my application for next year.
  3. Thx for the update. It's not looking good for me. Congrats on ISU Edit: Got the email from IU and they're filled. I'll try for second match but looks like a second year applicant for me... anyone else a second year applicant and want to chat? I'd appreciate it.
  4. I'm waiting for Indiana's waitlist to move. It's my only shot.
  5. @Gadgette Thanks. I hope we both get good news!! Are you going to do UPitt Public Health if not or reapply?
  6. @Gadgette yeah. It's doubly frustrating because I honestly didn't care where I got in; I applied where I could afford, and only half my programs actually GOT my third recommendation and could review my app. I had issues since the professor is older and three states away and thought he submitted it and didn't. So that narrowed my chances a lot. Reapplying next year isn't the worst thing ever, but I already felt older than a lot of people at Indiana. Blah.
  7. My biggest fear rn is not getting in at all. If the Indiana waitlist doesn't move and people hold onto spots until last minute, I'm out.
  8. There's a pretty big nationwide gridlock, or at least, a lock at Indiana with all seven offers. That's basically how it is until someone makes a move. It's like all in one big chain.
  9. Just called to Indiana and all seven offers are still open. Paula said the same thing happened last year, where everything's stuck until someone stops holding out/gets an offer/etc.
  10. Wait. WHAT??? I guess everyone who dropped off the waitlist was after you? So say you were position 3 of 7, now you're 3 of 4? Something like that?
  11. that's why second match exists. rare, but it happens.
  12. It's only 11 here, noon on the east coast... people are still holding onto spots. Schools can't do anything until people let them know one way or the other.
  13. @Lakers1960 gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  14. @Lakers1960, I'm in the middle of the waitlist and was hoping for good news today. But if you haven't heard anything maybe not