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  1. Is the post grad bsw program at York one year or two?
  2. Your acorn said nothing and you got a package??
  3. Were you accepted?
  4. Do you think this is the only round? Or will there be more
  5. ROSI is down until 1 pm tomorrow BTW
  6. Were two year uoft applicants supposed to pick a stream? I didn't think we had to but just wanted to double check
  7. why are you bringing attention to this? it's a new board. straying away from the topic by bringing this up again isn't necessary.
  8. Deadline for the application fee was the 2nd of feb I believe. Supplementary forms and references due the 22nd. It's one year. And then all you need to do is a one year msw
  9. Anyone applying to the post grad one year bsw program at York? Haven't seen many people bring it up
  10. this individual who we speak of isn't helping people when he feels that his insight may be helpful. this individual seems to be obsessed with this board, constantly checking and replying to every little thing. he checks this more than I probably check my emails. It's not necessary that he be on it every day. There are plenty of other helpful individuals who can share their knowledge as well.
  11. Just stop posting. You aren't even an applicant and your comments are clearly offensive and not helpful.
  12. Why do you even still post here lol you graduated move on. Your comments aren't helpful and many would agree.
  13. Just emailed Lynn. References can be submitted by January 30th.
  14. For those applying to the two year msw at Laurier: the application deadline is Jan 15. However my references only received the email yesterday. Does that deadline also apply to them? Or can references be submitted a bit later? One of my references is out of the country until Jan 16