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  1. @momorenae I agree with @aridari in that waiting another year for the MFA seems to be your best option. I'm not a vet, but every vet post I've seen re: rounds 2, 3, etc. carries the general message that an extra year (or even a longer gap) will always improve your writing, and therefore your chances of securing a more supportive and financially secure offer. I looked at your post history and I am amazed at how you have persevered through some very serious medical issues. Whatever you decide to do, keep on taking care of yourself financially, emotionally, and physically.
  2. @slouching I'm sorry this year hasn't panned out so far. Glad you have things to look forward to, though! Things have gone better than expected for me, but I'm facing a lot of ambiguity from being wait listed. TBH I'm tired of refreshing my gmail and checking my phone all the time. I will be a happier person once April 15 comes and goes.
  3. Sorry to hear. Me too. Who are you waiting on?
  4. P sure they notified all acceptances and wait lists early this morning. It seems like a dream program... I wish we'd heard good news.
  5. Any other UVA poetry applicants???
  6. @sayantika email Alex Walsh (contact info available if you Google). He is the grad program coordinator for their MFA. He's responded to me fairly quickly.
  7. Thank debt it's Friday?
  8. @paperpencil you should call or email. They've given decisions to others who have done so in the last week or two.
  9. @Three21 it's not been completely positive, actually! I think Draft can be stressful, circular, and exhausting. However, I see it for what it is. Draft is just a resource for people to use, or not. YMMV. Other members can / have received an enormous amount of support and advice they may not get elsewhere. I don't have friends or family who get the MFA struggle, and I was grateful to find not one but two places that get it. My issue with the recent Draft criticism is not that it's occurring, but that it's portraying a multi-faceted group as a flatly negative, unhelpful, and even harmful space.
  10. Re the recent Draft criticism on this thread: while there are criticisms to address, I do not think it's conducive to tear down a group that is many things to many people. A personal experience may be drop-dead awful; the group as a whole is not drop-dead awful. As @aridarisaid, it's a mixed bag of many opinions, backgrounds, skill levels, and voices. It is especially easy on that group to single out voices you do not like because you see their names, faces, and information each time they make a post. It can also be easy to overlook the voices that would be your best allies. IMO Draft has been an excellent resource for me to connect with current students, keep tabs on my personal applications' timeline, and to give / receive support. It creates a unique environment that allows anyone to say anything about this transition period that everyone is experiencing at the same time. It also creates tensions on different levels, which will happen on a forum - especially one that literally shows where each poster is coming from and where their interests and privileges lie. I agree with @auroras's POV that the "star" Draft posters are the ones who polished their work until it shined. Some of them did so through Draft. @tonydoesmovie and @Three21, I know at least one of them has never sat through a workshop before. I think it's a bit false to predict (and criticize) that an applicant has "edited too much." That reads almost as if these (obviously talented) writers are putting on a facade they won't keep up. TL;DR: YMMV. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.
  11. @outflare Draft is a group on Facebook, not here. Search "MFA Draft '17" and ask to join.
  12. Well, I'm happy this thread is free of that type.
  13. Sending good vibes your way! Well, I have one funded acceptance, one unfunded acceptance, and two wait lists. I'm much more excited about the wait list programs than I am about the funded program, so I'm waiting as long as possible to see if I have a chance at either. If April 14th comes and I hear nothing, I'm accepting my funded offer. I don't want to apply again - it's a long, expensive, stressful process, and I need a reason to move away from Indiana.
  14. @Sleam fiction seems to be the latest round of acceptances. No CNF word yet. Per TGC results, it seems like (take w/ grain of salt) that acceptances go out in a couple of waves, then in late March, rejections are sent. The acceptance doc from last year's Draft has disappeared, so no comparison on there.
  15. Re: re: rumor has it that UVA poetry's been pushed back to ~20th of March, instead of the standard ~15th. Source: I spend too much time on Draft.