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  1. Fall 2017 MFA

    Thanks, @Sleam. Just heard word that the wait list closed. Bummed
  2. Fall 2017 MFA

    I know there's a few spots still open on my first choice's wait list. I'm dying to hear anything. Does anyone have advice on how to bear the next few days?
  3. Fall 2017 MFA

    @aridari I talked with the admin, too. She mentioned that if you have offers and you want closure / absolutely need to know where you stand before accepting another offer, you can ask and she'll put you in touch with a faculty member, who will then finalize your position. I'm not going to bother with it, though.
  4. Fall 2017 MFA

    Congrats! At the very least, this is an affirmation that your work is on the right path. Re wait lists, I am on three currently, and just talked to my letter writer / mentor about etiquette. He told me the following: if you reach out (and you should), send a brief, polite email to your contact asking if they have an idea how their cohort is shaping up, and whether or not they think they'll have a need for the wait list. You don't need to state your interest--they know you're still interested because you're emailing them. Sending additional materials won't help you. At this point, the faculty / directors / whomever is overseeing the potential cohort has shown interest in you, and an extra this or that won't nudge you into a spot. My letter writer doesn't disclose rank at his program, and chooses people off the wait list based on the hole the declining candidate has just made--he looks at the waitlist candidates' styles, compares them to the confirmed cohort, and makes a decision from the pool based on their written work. That's not the style at every program, but it may give you insight. Trust your sample, and stay in touch with your contact. Good luck!
  5. Fall 2017 MFA

    @Character Zero Bloomington is actually a pretty slice of Indiana. It's quirky, fun, and has a good mix of restaurants and bars. It's close to Brown County, which is a beautiful state park. Good for hiking and biking. Rent is more expensive than other parts of Indiana. Hoosiers consider the school to be a party school (beware the little five) but there is a lot of town and gown pride. It's most popular for the Kelley school of business. It pulls good music gigs. The campus is mostly limestone, and has lots of greenery. Get pizza at Mother Bears, curry at Siam. Parking is tight all around.
  6. Fall 2017 MFA

    @Character Zero I don't have any direct knowledge of the program but I can talk about the university or the city of Bloomington, if you have questions.
  7. Fall 2017 MFA

    Then I'd go for OD. It gives you three years to write and a secure fellowship. More money, more time.
  8. Fall 2017 MFA

    I just looked up each program without knowing anything about them - from what I saw, I think that UNCG and Old Dominion are the better programs. OD is three years, but it also has lit requirements. UNCG is 2 years, but calls itself a studio program. How do you feel about lit courses? Do any of the OD courses listed interest you?
  9. Fall 2017 MFA

    @momorenae I agree with @aridari in that waiting another year for the MFA seems to be your best option. I'm not a vet, but every vet post I've seen re: rounds 2, 3, etc. carries the general message that an extra year (or even a longer gap) will always improve your writing, and therefore your chances of securing a more supportive and financially secure offer. I looked at your post history and I am amazed at how you have persevered through some very serious medical issues. Whatever you decide to do, keep on taking care of yourself financially, emotionally, and physically.
  10. Fall 2017 MFA

    @slouching I'm sorry this year hasn't panned out so far. Glad you have things to look forward to, though! Things have gone better than expected for me, but I'm facing a lot of ambiguity from being wait listed. TBH I'm tired of refreshing my gmail and checking my phone all the time. I will be a happier person once April 15 comes and goes.
  11. Fall 2017 MFA

    Sorry to hear. Me too. Who are you waiting on?
  12. Fall 2017 MFA

    P sure they notified all acceptances and wait lists early this morning. It seems like a dream program... I wish we'd heard good news.
  13. Fall 2017 MFA

    Any other UVA poetry applicants???
  14. Fall 2017 MFA

    @sayantika email Alex Walsh (contact info available if you Google). He is the grad program coordinator for their MFA. He's responded to me fairly quickly.
  15. Fall 2017 MFA

    Thank debt it's Friday?