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  1. let's definitely do that
  2. I'm an alternate..
  3. Yeh I completely agree. And during my UK interview, I expressed my opinions and concerns clearly and professionally. I guess I just didn't want to take any chances until I was in a position to create a change. As a naturalized US (Trump) citizen from Korea (Impeachment of Park) wanting to go to the UK (Brexit), I'm just hyper-sensitive about said issues at the moment.
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/01/18/president-obama-has-nominated-123-people-to-fill-administration-positions-this-year/?utm_term=.c4695339a5d4 Obama actually appointed 8 new members to the FFSB 2 days before he left office and basically filled up the board. I'm personally not really worried about the FFSB but since the Department of State has been slowly filling up with Trump appointees, I kind of ended up getting worried about social media profiles? I ended up just checking over my privacy settings again and such. As for my application, it focused mostly on the subject of cultural exchange (and space exploration) rather than politics so I'm not quite worried about that either. I do briefly mention the problem of climate change but it just makes me extremely sad that that even is something to worry about under this administration. I'm extremely concerned about Fulbright program being eliminated after this year but I'm sure we'll be stand up against that together.
  5. I'm starting to think about the possibility of NIH using the Fulbright commission to run some psych experiments on the applicants.
  6. Wooo! Congrats!!
  7. same. #thanksKendrickLamar I actually caved and ended up spending $20 for a shot of laphroaig 10 at a hotel bar (ugh) and theres' still no notification since UK always notified either on monday or tuesday for the past 10 years, is anyone else thinking that this means we're waiting till next week?
  8. I'm considering drinking scotch at 2 pm at a professional conference at this point Fulbright should really give out voucher for meditation clinic or something with the semi-finalist notifications
  9. haha I'm actually from LA but ended up in Rochester, NY and Seattle since then. I guess my life is attracted to rainy and grey places? maybe we can all grab drinks after the decision comes out? I'll probably be drinking no matter the outcome lol.
  10. To all UK semi-finalists, It seems like UK results were generally released on Tuesdays (few Mondays) over the past decade so I'm guessing we'll hear back on the 21st or the 28th..
  11. oh haha okay. kinda got excited there for a sec. Is anyone here from Seattle or LA by any chance?
  12. University of Rochester???
  13. From what I've gathered in the forum, it seems like decision will be in the subject line. P for principal, A for alternate, and NS for non-select.
  14. Before it was password protected, there was a page on the fulbright website that said all final recommendations from foreign commissions must be made by March 3rd. There have been few contradictions though so no one's really sure. And of course! I completely understand. I'm currently holding off on planning next few months till the decisions come out and I'm slowly dying inside. Hope everything works out with your job and Fulbright!
  15. Probably because they need the transcript to decide who receives the award..? It even stated in the semi-finalist email that you'd be contacted if they don't receive the transcript by the deadline so I'm not sure why you're taking that email as an acceptance decision..