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    Fulbright ETA Bulgaria/ CLS Urdu
  1. Fulbright 2017-2018

    What's your back up plan? I'm trying to think of things that I will do if I don't get it and having a career/place I can picture myself in that isn't the Fulbright helps!
  2. Fulbright 2017-2018

    In my statement of purpose I talked about one reason for choosing Bulgaria was because of the refugee crisis and disdain/fear of immigrants (they have about 85% Bulgarian ethnicity) - the Fulbright mission is one that supports understanding and cross cultural connections. That being said - unless you flat out insulted your country (or ours?) I think those reviewing our applications appreciate our willingness to help? I totally might non-select and wrong though :|
  3. Fulbright 2017-2018

  4. Fulbright 2017-2018

    @jarp729 Congrats!!
  5. Fulbright 2017-2018

    It's awful - but lets stay hopeful and say we can all grab a coffee when we meet in Sophia!
  6. Fulbright 2017-2018

    In the past Bulgaria (and others) announced both the ETA and research decisions on the same day - but this year it was split up. So they announced the research decisions last week but not ETA decisions. I was assuming that they came on the same day because the google doc has only one row for Bulgaria (ETA+Research) while other countries have 2 rows that list specific dates for research and ETA decisions separately.
  7. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Ha I just wish someone was getting notified today so that I could distract myself reading new posts on here...
  8. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Completely. I had a final today and could not focus at all because I thought we would be notified 😩 The struggle is real.
  9. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Congrats!!!! Now I have a pit in my stomach because I'm waiting for the ETA notifications for Bulgaria 😭! Whats your research regarding!
  10. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Congrats! 🎉 You totally can be promoted! Stay hopeful!
  11. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Happy potential notification day 😊
  12. Fulbright 2017-2018

    It's 6pm on the east coast and they are still going! I'm both excited and nervous for this notification email 😅
  13. Fulbright 2017-2018

    I like how they drop all this good news at the end of the day- congrats everyone!
  14. Fulbright 2017-2018

    So this may be readily available somewhere- but - does anyone know how ETA placement works? Do you find out with an acceptance what region your placed in or does this come later?
  15. Fulbright 2017-2018

    Not a mistake, yay!