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  1. Does anyone happen to know how long waitlists tend to be? Is it the same size as the cohort?
  2. Nearly everyone I met was interviewing at a lot of different places, so I'm assuming there will be some turn over. No way to know for sure, but that's my gut feeling!
  3. I'll call and ask tomorrow -- will let you know what they say. I honestly think you will get a spot.
  4. That's awesome! Here's hoping there's some movement 😁
  5. Is it appropriate to call today to ask about waitlist movement, or should I just wait until tomorrow?
  6. Just got a call from my top school, CSU -- waitlisted! So excited!!
  7. Thanks! Still nothing in my inbox. D: good luck with your last three!
  8. When did you hear back from Jefferson?
  9. Yup, mine was from Rutgers as well. I wonder why they sent out a second batch of rejection emails?
  10. One of the schools that rejected me for an interview sent me another rejection email this morning...I'm really confused! This makes me even more nervous for Monday D:
  11. Hey Minja and UTGC, thank you so much for the different perspective! I agree, putting it off another year seems like a bad call. It definitely eases the stress knowing I have options if I don't get in this cycle, but I'll wait and see what happens with admissions.
  12. So I have a quick question for everyone -- it may be a bit premature considering admission results haven't been released yet, but I've been thinking about it quite a bit so I figured I'd get some second opinions. I have a few interviews for this cycle, but I just received a fantastic (and very GC-relevant) job offer to begin in a few months. It should increase my chances of getting into my dream school *tremendously* for the next application cycle. So what would be a better option -- go to a program this year that I really like but isn't my dream school, or spend another year and (potentially) get into a top choice school next cycle? It seems like a tough call considering there's no guarantee I'll get in to it if I have to reapply -- plus having to going through the whole application process all over again and missing out on a guaranteed chance of becoming a genetics counselor -- but this particular school has been my dream school since I was a child and I'd like to see what my chances are of actually getting in.
  13. Regarding thank you notes -- is it more appropriate to send a handwritten one or an email?
  14. Yeah, I actually mentioned the fact that the first interview date is coming up shortly too. I actually spoke to the program assistant and she said she wasn't sure how that part would work out, but that she'd have the director get in touch with me to explain more next week. Maybe they want to look through any applications that came in recently before sending out interview invites?
  15. Hi! I just applied there. They said they would prefer a LOR from a genetic counselor, but that it wasn't a requirement--I didn't submit one from a GC either. They had a Q&A after their webinar and someone else asked about this, so I'm sure we're not the only two! I also just called them to ask when we'd be hearing about admission results. They said it would potentially be another two weeks.