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  1. I thought I'd pass along a link to several examples: https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/cim/personal-statement They are letters from med school students, not SLP per se - however, when I applied I was referred to these letters as a guide and had success. I think there are some good tips that work for any SOP, regardless of the program. The thing that stood out most to me was not to be afraid to write a slightly unconventional, more creative letter in order to catch the admissions committee's attention. This is why I started my letter with a short but meaningful anecdote (to do with shadowing an SLP) as in some of the sample letters and tried to avoid forgettable formulas. I really made an effort to draw on what makes me unique to explain why I want to be an SLP, why I'd be a good student, and what I plan to do professionally in the future. I specifically mentioned profs/researchers and programs at the school I wanted to be involved with. Anyways, hope that helps you!
  2. I got the same letter about being an alternate for funding. So curious about maybe hearing more in early April. I believe some have gotten funding offers already. Maybe alternates only get offers if those with funding don't accept their offer to attend (which seems unlikely)? I was really hoping for at least a little help with the costs.