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Where is the future of PhD students in Biomedical Science

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where are the students employed?


1. continue research as a postdoc?

2. find a position in biomedical companies?


how much could a student earn after graduation? :mellow:

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US employment for US-trained biomedical PhDs in 2008: (This includes the entire workforce not just new PhD graduates)


23.4% Post-Secondary (College) Teacher

15.7% Pre-College Teacher

14.6% Non-Research Scientist

11.5% Sales and Marketing

11.4% Research Scientist

11.0% Health-Related Occupation

1.3% Technician

0.8% Manager



When PhD students are about to graduate, they are asked to fill out the Survey of Earned Doctorates. One of the things the survey asks is what your plans are after graduation. According to the 2010 results, 46.3% of life science PhD graduates had definite plans for a postdoc and 19.5% had a definite commitment for employment.  Of those that had an employment commitment, 49.0% are with academe and 24.6% are with industry/self-employment.


The median basic annual salary for new biological/biomedical PhDs with employment commitment by sector in 2010:


$49,250 academe

$79,333 industry

$64,412 government

$62,501 non-profit organization



The median basic annual salary for new life science PhDs with postdoc commitment in 2010:





I write more about this in the article noted below. I also cite my sources in the article in case you want to examine the original documents.



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Hmm, if you like research, pharma pays well. If you love science but lab work not so much, consider technology transfer, healthcare analyst or sales.


Job in consulting is very interesting, challenging and it pays well. I did a little bit of search, this website gives you a good idea how a typical day and salary looks like:www.aftermyphd.com  It also gives you ideas of alternative career options for PhD graduates in biomedical sciences. Hope this helps, let me know if you need further advice.

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