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  1. Was thinking about updating my POI on my status, but that seems quite unnecessary the more I think about it. I did manage to speak with my POI through Skype before my applications were reviewed and she was excited about my application. I think I'm just a little nervous (as we all are).
  2. Still waiting on a few schools, but wanted to ask if it be considered inappropriate to e-mail or contact your POI while decisions are still being made?
  3. Also waiting to hear back from UMaryland, same program too. Good luck to you.
  4. It depends. I called the graduate division coordinator and that's how I learned. I don't think it hurts unless you come off as rude or impatient. Good luck.
  5. For #3, you might want to call/e-mail them. I applied to their MMG program and apparently I was waitlisted since they never sent me a rejection. While they're probably not at the exact same time, they're likely very close.
  6. Congrats and thanks! Just a little nervous as I'm unsure of how their invites work since I didn't receive one yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  7. A school I applied to reached out to me for a letter of rec from my PI, who hasn't got back to me. I already had three letters submitted for my applications and for all intents/purposes, they were completed on time. Should I take this as a sign of interest in my application or am I overthinking?
  8. I'm sort of in the same boat as OP. I've been out of college for about a year and worked in industry research for the same amount of time. There are many things I've learned and gotten to do in industry that I don't see myself having access to in academia. Another thing to note is how stringent industry is with certain things like protocols and process development, things that you can (sort of but not really) get away with in academic research. Of course, the same can be said of industry; there's many things that are de-emphasized in industry such as, oftentimes, the "doing of science just for
  9. Since you're applying to engineering programs (non-biomedical), you may want to refer to the "Applied Sciences & Mathematics" section of the forums as they can probably give you a much better outlook/feedback for your profile since many of us are applying to biological sciences programs and would not have the expertise necessary to answer many of your specific questions regarding your field. Here's a link: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/32-engineering/ Good luck!
  10. I see. Thank you very much for your insight!
  11. @aquamarineThank you for your perspective. From this, I gather it would not hurt to mention the topic of research in its context without mentioning any techniques. However, I'm wondering how specific you can/should speak about your topics in your SOP/interview. Is it okay/better to mention the specific thing in the style of 'We don't know why circumstance W causes gene X to trigger proto-oncogene Y to become oncogenic, but we think it has something to do with protein Z. I want to study this phenomenon.' or simply 'I want to study the circumstances underlying the causes for certain genes trigge
  12. Alternatively, I've heard that including the research you'd like to see yourself doing in the context of the "what's what" in your field can help your statement stand out. This is made even better if you've identified a gap in understanding in the field that you can perhaps work towards filling. I don't think it's exactly impossible or that unlikely that you would be doing what you set out to research in the first place. This is especially true if, like me, you mention a topic in which you are seeking to branch out that's distinct from your previous topic of research anyway. That being said,
  13. I'd love to get some input on my choices/chances, as someone who has no publications (do wish I hopped onto research earlier as an underg). My application feels a bit bland in comparison with other profiles I've seen on here. I also noticed that most applicants on here do not apply with industry experience so I've no real reference on how relevant it is. To be specific, my industry experience is analytical/R&D. Maybe someone who entered with similar experience can give a comment on this aspect? Undergrad Institution: University of CaliforniaMajor(s): MicrobiologyMinor(s):GPA in Major:
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