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  1. at least till the end of the month for plenty of programs I imagine. there are probably some places that never have any results until February. Though I think if you haven't hear from a place by March, its probably off the list.
  2. @MKPolicy I'm mostly going off what I've seen looking at old results. I'm reasonably confident that if you haven't heard from ND by the end of January, they probably aren't inviting you for a visit in February. But that was the pre covid pattern noted both in the results posted here and talking to folks familiar with the program. I'm resisting the urge to reach out to anyone there at the moment.
  3. Looks like a Notre Dame interview was posted in Systematics. I'm guessing that means other departments will have interview invites out over the course of the week, if they haven't gone out already?
  4. @emeraldsapphire Just to check, that's your interview up on the results page?
  5. Congrats on that interview. If there's nothing in my email today I will probably check Duke off the list.
  6. thank you both for the responses. I had a conversation with the area director who explained they leave it open ended so that applicants can send the piece they most want to send. Could be 10 pages, could be 50. They want the most representative piece you want to submit. But you could go crazy trying to figure that out from the application materials 😉
  7. Here's a question for the group. Most applications have a desired page range (20+) for writing samples. But what if they don't have a given standard size for the writing sample? would you send a shorter paper that you like more? Or a longer paper to demonstrate capacity? For those on the other side of the admissions process, what do you think a committee would rather read?
  8. 3 of 4 applications in. Waiting to talk to one more school. Hopefully everything is wrapped up by next week (the outstanding application has a Jan 2 submission date). Still waiting on recommendations all over the place though. I need to get back to thesis writing since any offer would be contingent on finishing this degree first. I'll be happy to get back to work soon.
  9. I'm hoping to wrap up PhD/ThD applications this week so that I can return to thesis writing ASAP. I had one waitlist and one rejection in the fall 2020 cycle so I decided to go an STM and try again in a couple years, and now here we are. I think it will be four schools this year by the time I finish: Notre Dame, Toronto, Catholic University, and Duke. My primary areas of interest are liturgy and homiletics. I'm hoping that the STM is the door opener, as opposed to having been applying with an MDiv alone the first time.
  10. Finally 0-for-2 on Phd programs. Figured it was a bit of a flier with an MDiv only. Plan to start STM next fall (hopefully in person at the going rate) and then start applying again in a couple years. Well done and good luck to everyone starting something in the fall. Hopefully I remember my password when I come back here for the next round of applications.
  11. Official Notre Dame rejection letter finally arrived. Nothing significant content wise. Just an update for anyone who's keeping track.
  12. @professionalmethodist I had a moment this afternoon when i looked at my phone and it said Garrett, only to see the admissions newsletter. 😐
  13. Not a peep. The admissions folks said late February to early March. I saw someone posted an interview in the results for systematics Phd a couple weeks ago. Not sure what program you're looking at.
  14. I have no idea what the official policy is. A friend of mine did have an interview of some type with them a year or two ago--but that may or may not be their policy. They may have just had more questions for him.
  15. Hard to imagine not getting googled applying for jobs or schools nowadays. My top Google result is a comedically bad newspaper article about me. There's not any winning with stuff like that. Unless we all could go back in time and remove our digital footprint, there's probably something out there people could find if they look hard enough. And this is a thing now, even in undergrad admissions in many places.
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