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  1. I dont suppose any of you know if theres a way to get the exams for free...? or does everyone shell out $21 for each study guide?
  2. two questions 1. do you guys think my laziness in undergrad will come back to bite me in the ass? lol like will companies/future employers/post docs ask for your undergrad transcript? 2. how much do the us news rankings of chem grad schools (or for specific fields like orgo) matter? do you think they're in any way valid or whatever?
  3. how much is everyone's stipends? just curious
  4. eh i wish. none of the schools i got into sent me any such form. lol
  5. lol im not sure how to accept my admission offer. should it just be a one sentence email..."hey i want to accept your offer" yea I wasnt lying when I said I am socially inept.
  6. exactly how formal should we be dressing for visitation days? semi formal? i guess? im going with dress shirt and jeans but im not sure if tahts too casual
  7. ^ aw man. the way you guys are talking about visitation days is making me kind of nervous.about how we have to make a good impression and whatnot. im pretty socially inept. i hope my awkwardness doesnt affect me getting into labs.
  8. is it safe to assume that rice is no longer accepting people?
  9. yea although I'm pretty sure I got rejected...I havent heard anything either from Vanderbilt either. sigh
  10. is it frowned upon to email a school and ask them about our status in regards to a waitlist...? or is it too soon?
  11. ^ okay so that sounds kind of bad. but I took the same approach applying to grad schools that I did with undergrad...a bunch of top choice/reach schools...and some safeties taht I didnt really like that much but after seeing what people wrote about how one could always reapply next year, im not too sure about even wanting to go to the safeties even if I got in. I mean there are some professors at the safeties whose research interests me but...
  12. do you guys know anything about uc riverside in terms of like reputation and like how satisfied the students are? I mean I applied cuz their application fee was free but ierno...
  13. ...how are people generally going about visitation weekends? are people missing school to go? I don't know how I feel about going from one coast to another in just one weekend.
  14. anyone hear anything from URochester yet? edit: saw 1 acceptance in the results page thingy. applied to 9 schools...only heard from 2 x__x igjgjsdgsldgnsg im going crazy here
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